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Finding out the correct VLSI Course School to augument SoC Verification proficiency

Author: Sonali Dave

In VLSI Academy, the students are training about the complex issues, and models to become a VLSI engineer. But this does not mean that the skilled professionals cannot enroll in to these VLSI Course Academy. If you are an veteran professionals, there are enough of advanced topics available in these VLSI Course Institute that introduce new Hardware description languages, tools, and methodologies.

Finding VLSI School is not a difficult mission. If you have access to the Internet, then finding VLSI Course Academy is further simple. It is just matter of performing a local search for VLSI Course Institute. Once you get the full list of VLSI Course School at your area, then you should assess each. Based on your requirements and the performance of the institution, you can choose the suitable school for you. Let’s look at few issues required to be considered at decision making.

While simple VLSI is one of the topics in the Electrical program, it has now become a specialization of its own because of the sudden explosion of the jobs and the argumentation of technical needs. Due to an rising requirement, the universities had to open separate VLSI Course colleges. Following this event, then started a new trend of launching VLSI Academy, sponsored by the private groups.

VLSI is highly niche area and requires all round mastery and exhaustive know-how of entire ASIC Design methodology. Before college freshers use to attend some small VLSI boot camp to gain informational level experience to VLSI area but now this level of surface workshops are of no use. So beginners should take into notice below discussed points and search correct Center for VLSI Course Excellence.

- Find out what kind of methodology the institute is teaching as FPGA based flow is sheer throw away of time and energy as FPGA is just very tiny part of VLSI domain.

- Make certain the Faculty has minimum ten year of industry experience, as academic faculty might not know current technological trends. They should be having 5- 10 patents on their name.

- Make sure training will be given on industry standard Cadence, Mentor Graphics or Synopsis tools.

- Be sure theoretical content is up to 50% as interviewers judge you on your theoretical fundamentals as well as hands on experience. A hand on experience is add-on plus point but clear fundamentals are basic condition.

- Course fees should not be more than 2-3 month of starting pay which is currently Rs20,000 pm as then getting back time of the training fees become large.

Only a few VLSI Course Schools like Indian Institute of VLSI Course & Training (IIVDT) tackled this shortfall and has launched Advanced Diploma in VLSI Course Technology. This VLSI induction syllabus gives comprehensive ASIC Flow on industry standard VLSI Tools from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Synopsis. This VLSI initiation Course is keeping in view the VLSI Industry demand to plug Academia-Industry gap and providing highly trained VLSI experts which are geared up to be fruitful on day one of work.
VLSI Courses and Technology by VLSI Training Institute IIVDT enables fresh graduates have edge over candidates who do not possess VLSI Design Skills. This VLSI course enables fresher to excel in interviews and campus placement as they already know all tools and techniques which are highly sort after by VLSI employers.
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