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Earn Money with Tissa Godavitarne's ACME People Search Program (Learn To Earn With Tissa)

Author: Douglas A. Roehrig

Build your successful online money making machine
Based on analysis, 30% of online Searches (SEARCH online) are people search related. This is a wonderful niche with huge potential to earn money online. This owner of this program has used his people search website to make millions of dollars from My Life, Click Bank and GDI. What you do is simply duplicate his successful people search engine to earn huge residual income.

There are only 3 easy steps to complete. These simple easy steps allow you to duplicate his money making engine and increase your display rate to 100% to get your GUARANTEED $125 commission within 24hours.

This is truly an online program that WILL help you earn money!
You are about to create your own work at home business within a niche that is guaranteed to make money by completing three simple steps.

The text below will explain each sign up step. After you have completed step 3, the program owner will advertise your search engine on Google, Yahoo and MSN for FREE to help you obtain your GUARANTEED $125 within 24hours for you.

Step 01 to success : Affilliatize!
Your very 1st step to own an work at home business!
In this step, you have to affilliatize your account : DISPLAY RATE: 30%

After login, you will have to click on the ClickBank, HD Publizing, MyLife link and join each of the program. You will be given an user ID for each of the program. Just fill in the user ID into Acme People Search account.

Congratulations! you have done it, your display rate is now 35%

NEXT, move to step02: Monetize!
Step 02 to success : Monetize
You are one more step closer to your own successful work at home business!
In order for other people to use your search people engine, you have to host your own People Search Engine. You are offered GDI as your hosting website. Beside being a hosting website, GDI is helping you to grow your downline network and earn you lucrative monthly residual income.

After you have completed step 3, you can activate your Tissa's Secret GDI Sign-up Sauce which will force all your downline to use GDI as hosting, thus expanding your downline matrix. You are paid monthly 5 level deep in your GDI downline matrix.

So if you manage to get only 10 members in your matrix, and each of them also get 10 members, and each of their downline also recruite 10 members, you could be paid almost $10k every month just from GDI program. Remember you have other 6 income streams to earn from this Tissa program.

To complete this step, login to your account and click on step02.

Completing this step will boost your display rate will be increased to 65% and thus increase your earning potential. You are one more step toward your own successful home based business.

Step 03 to success : Advertise!
Just one more small step to your successful business!
Login to your account and click on step03: Advertise. In this step, you need to subscribe to this program in order for the Tissa to start make your engine working as his one. You have 30days trial period and you can cancel the subscription at any time. So your pocket is always safe! Give it a try and you will find you will love it as we do.

Once you have completed this step, your displayed rate will be 100% and Tissa will start the FREE Advertising of your website on Google, Yahoo and MSN. You account will be credited with $125 commission within 24hours.

Learn to EARN!
After you have completed 3 step above, your displayed rate will be 100%, which means your earning potential is increased to maximum.
You already have $125 commission in your account, now you have 2 ways to increase your monthly income to $3000 - $5000:
1. Advertise your people search engine
2. Advertise your program to get referral.

If you are new to internet marketing, you have to LEARN TO EARN. There are many ways that you can start advertise and get referral, from paid to click (PPC) to free advertising (SEO, article marketing etc).

Beside choosing the RIGHT program to join, LEARNING is another important thing in order to become a successful internet marketing. Good Luck!

About the Author:
Douglas Roehrig is a full-time online marketer. He recommends the following THREE EASY STEPS to securing a lifetime of residual income:

Douglas is also the owner and administration for the following traffic exchanges:

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