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Brazil is Now Number Two Leaving China in the Dust

Author: Tom Ocean

Property investment in Brazil ranks second in the world for capital appreciation, according to the latest survey released by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, AFIRE. Trailing the US, Brazil has entered the AFIRE top ten capital appreciation investment places for the first time.

AFIRE, founded in 1988, and has established itself as a respected voice of the international real estate industry in the US. Widely recognized for its annual foreign investment survey, AFIRE has for the first time conducted a mid-year survey among its members. This unusual step was deemed necessary because of the huge recent changes in the world. AFIRE was keen to gauge any changes in property investor sentiments.

The survey exposed some interesting findings, specifically as it relates to the real estate market in Brazil. While the Q4 2008 survey found that China was close on the heels of the US in the capital appreciation rankings, however the most recent survey revealed that China has fallen sharply in the top ten and its coveted second place has been taken by Brazil.

With the brief history of foreign investment in Brazil property, it's really not surprising that Brazil has not featured earlier in the AFIRE top ten destinations for foreign direct investment. Savvy, foreign investors have been quick to recognize the exceptional potential provided by this huge South American country. Brazil boasts several prime areas for foreign direct investment specifically north east Brazil. In this region, luxury real estate is priced well below the price of what you would pay for a property of equal value in Europe.

To date, no official statistics are in print regarding Brazil real estate. However, intelligent real estate investors who pioneered the market early on have already experienced excellent capital appreciation and judging by the opinions expressed in the AFIRE survey, Brazil is going to remain a hot property for a while.

Brazil's property capital appreciation trends are a refreshing change to many countries. Investors with international real estate holdings know all too well that real estate investment overseas has plummeted over the last 18 months.

As many nations struggle with the economic and social realities created by the most recent banking collapse, Brazil has tipped, along with two of the other BRIC nations, China and India, to lead the world out of the current recession. With a stable financial sector, booming stock market and ever-increasing middle class. Brazil is well positioned to become a major world power. Small wonder that AFIRE investors rank Brazil second for capital appreciation when it comes to foreign direct investment.

Mr. Ocean is a Staff Writer for Escape Artist focusing mainly in living, investing and retiring in South America. He offers his readers an informative blog for Brazil that answers many of the legal questions without the hype of all the other websites. He and his family are expatriates living amongst the liberated people of the world. Mr. Ocean escaped from America amidst the many of Americans who clearly see the trends toward social and economic repression in North America.
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