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Three Reasons that I made $10,000 in 70 days with Travel Ventures International.

Author: Thomas McMurrain

I have been successful in several MLM ventures over thelast two decades of my marketing career, but I have never generated money as fast as I have with Travel Ventures International. In reviewing the working parts of TVI Express and I have identified three things that have contributed to my success with TVI.

1. The Majority of people love to travel and a private travel membership club is appealing.

2. The cost of the membership is $250 making TVI very affordable for the masses.

3. The compensation plan is a team oriented which means you technically only have to enroll two members and help two other members enroll two members. It really is that easy!

The idea of traveling to exotic destinations in my era was sensationalized by Robin Leach, the star on The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Everything was Caviar, Champagne and a good cigar. Traveling to new places and staying in five star resorts is a dream for most. The 5 star service, the exquisite food and the rich luxuries are always worth the price. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stay at a five star luxury destination you simply will not understand the appeal to five star service, but if you have, I need say no more. You can have a lifestyle of earning $50,000 a month, traveling at least two weeks of the month and conducting your business from anywhere in the world; with Travel Ventures International, the opportunity to dream again is real.

I have seen some opportunities that are too expensive for people to join and some that are too cheap to take seriously. Travel Ventures International's private travel membership club costs $250, which includes a seven day, six night luxurious vacation, a travel booking engine that enables you to book your own travel at the lowest rates on the internet and a world class business opportunity. Travel Ventures International provides you with incredible value for the price of your membership.

The two by two forced matrix compenstion program is team driven and with and active group it moves quickly. When you enroll all the active people above you are enrolling members under you because once they have their two personal membership enrollments completed the computer automatically starts positioning members where the next available position is available. Once you complete the Travel Ventures International "traveler board" you earn $500 and advance to the Express board. On the Express board you can earn a $10,000 payout plus there is some rumor of a European Vacation. It took me less than three months to get the express board payout. It has truly been a profitable opportunity for me.

Travel Ventures International has all the ingredients of profitable business opportunity. An in demand product, extremely affordable and a powerful pay plan. There is no auto dump systems that fills up your garage, and no expensive monthly fees to justify the compensation plan. The TVI Express business opportunity is completely digital and it is something everyone can't get enough of, travel and money.

Tom McMurrain is a Gold member with Travel Ventures International and the author of One-ology – A Dispassionate Theory of Realizing Success in Internet Marketing. Mr. McMurrain is the founder of The Lead King, that provides training on leadership and lead generation.

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