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Immigration Requirements for Brazil

Author: Tom Ocean

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In February of this year the National Immigration Council published the Norms Resolution n 84 for permissions and approval for purposes of receiving Permanent Visa for Foreigner Physical Persons described as all persons non entity companies, corporations and such are considered in Brazil physical persons until obtaining a tax registry number CNPJ, Cadastro Nacional Pessoa Juridica.

This Permanent Visa permits non Brazilian partners, companies that are created by foreigners must have a Brazilian Resident partner to enter Brazil freely and manage their company.

Three principle changes were:

1. Alteration of investment value - increased to R$150,000 to create a new company or go into a partnership with an existing one, as long as it is registered with Banco Central do Brasil.

2. Reducing from 5 year to three year term.

3. Proof of utilizing the funds to generate productive activity which has significant social and economic impact on the local community or on the country itself.

When the value was stipulated as R$50,000 would lead to many foreigners purchasing their residences normally of higher value amounts through a simple set up of a company and easily obtaining their permanent residence without attending to principles of the investment to generate employment and productive activity.

The purpose of the physical person investor visa is to stimulate economic growth for Brazil’s rapidly growing economy. Today, the principle criteria elected for approval of such by the immigration authorities is the Social Interest of the investment or the analysis will focus on the activity that will be developed.

this task the entity in question should attend to the following criteria.

a. Generate employment and income

b. Will it increase the value of Brazil?

c. Assimilationof technological resources.

d. Use of resources for specific sectors.

The understanding of the General Coordination of Immigration is that employment of Brazilians should occur in the first year of the approval for the visa. The law does not determine how many employees are required but the common understanding suggests a minimum of two to four and the creation of indirect job positions will be calculated as well but rather in a complementary form.

The proof of Social Interest requires a presentation of an Investment Plan which explains exactly how the resources will be utilized, consisting of.

A. The Physical Person applying for the visa must provide a business plan which outlines the description of business activity, geographic location and a time line.

B. Objectives of the Physical Person and the importance of the investment on the local area and economic sector.

C. Hiring plan for the next 3 years.

D. The financial plan showing use of funds.

Other consideration for approval of the visa will include the educational level, importance of the business, and the investment sector. Your business plan should be very clear and complete if you desire the approval of the visa.

Escape Artist - The Definitive Resource on Brazil

The General Immigration Coordination Secretary will verify these requirements annually especially in respect to employment and generating income and if not met the authorization will be canceled.

Concluding the three year period there will be a necessity to solicit and renew the permanent residency visa with the Federal Police. If it is proven that the investment plan has not been executed the visa could be revoked.

Hopefully this will provide clarity to many of the questions that you have. If you have specific questions, comments or suggestions please forward them to us and we will do our best to provide you with the most complete and accurate answer that we can.
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