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Christmas Will Not Fail You

Author: Dana-drd4u.com-Richardson

Have you ever bought something and then have it not work? Especially at Christmastime when parents buy toys that need batteries, and; think they have the proper size, only to find out, they don't! Talk about youngsters getting bent out of shape. Ever been in a situation like that? Some years back a very wise lady I know bought a set of eight batteries in each size, so, there was no way she wouldn't be ready for the youngsters; that's not a bad concept is it? Being ready, being prepared, because what we all like is for things to work. Christmas will not fail you, because Christmas works, this article will go into how you and Christmas can make sure, you work, so Christmas will not fail you.
Some things that are going to happen to you in life, you won't be able to control; just understand that you can control so many elements of your life, and you should control those elements of your life, but if you believe you can control every element of your life, your likely mistaken. Even people who are so strongly into Metaphysics, like Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” or Dr. Joe Vitale author of over 40 bestsellers; even these people, when it comes to totally controlling every element of your life, may be mistaken. Don't misunderstand me, these are some of the people that to me represent the finest peak of their craft; but when it comes to controlling every element of your life, sorry, we part ways. My sense is that some things will happen to you in your life that you can't control at which point, you can be ready to settle that mystery as it happens, if you have thought about it in advance. Preparing for the unexpected can be a part of your life, so that you think, “were this to happen, and it would be disastrous, then this is what I would do.” It sounds simple, and actually it is, but many times we just fail to think things through. Personally being prepared means, you try to think about what could or might take place and be prepared for it. You won't be able to control it, but you can be ready.
If your community resembles Springhill, Louisiana, you may have to begin to think in different terms as a community if you are to continue to thrive as a community. Springhill has had two major businesses inside two years leave which has left numerous members of our community without income. Many small outlying communities such as this, do not survive such, and they become towns where people used to live. Yet many towns not only survive situations such as this, they thrive through them, why? If you look closely at what they do as a community you will find two aspects present, the first one is unity in their community, instead of tearing each other apart, they become very intense about supporting their own members in their community. Second, they develop the ability to change their typical mode of operation in terms of business which allows the community to grow. Consider the more than remarkable growth which has taken place all over Michigan, a state which has had to work to bolster up it's smaller communities by providing “micro-banking”like small business support, from within their monetary mantle. Such changes in the way that business is done, didn't come easy, didn't come without some sacrifices, and, didn't happen quickly; but the people became prepared to stay and work it out. In a community like Springhill, Louisiana, we can not only survive but we can thrive, will you help?
Christmas cannot fail you, no matter what sort of bad news you get, no matter what sort of bad things happen to you, no matter what sort of “mess” you may find yourself in, if you have prepared your heart to have a great Christmas, and that, isn't easily done either- it takes work to prepare to enjoy something. One of the local areas businesses, among many, is planning to have a Christmas party, there is a lot of planning that goes into it, it was my pleasure to hear about all the plans, all the preparation, and yet, it would shock me if this party weren't really enjoyed by the people there? So can you begin to prepare some things not just for you, but for others as well? What might you be able to do for them if you knew for sure that it would be appreciated? Which brings up the question, don't we like to have things that are good come our way? Don't you really believe, others might as well? Why not give it a shot, help someone out, then we'll agree together that this Christmas didn't fail you.

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