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My Experience with Travel Ventures International

Author: Tom McMurrain

Everyone has them, friends that are home-based business network marketing junkies, they have an answer to everything, they are insatiable window shoppers, they are always talking about their Tony Robbins inspired delusions, i.e. the mansion, rolex and Ferraris? I have a network marketing junkie friend who we will call Sid, because that is his real name. Sid’s latest deal of the month is a travel venture membership and, once again, we are all going to get mega-rich. Throw $250 in the hat and out comes $10,000 worth of bunny rabbits. Just joking, but the pitch once again sounded to good to be true, until I made $10,000 in less than 70 days with Travel Ventures International.

I will be honest, I threw $250 at Sid, and showed it to a few of my buddies to get my two enrollments just so I could get rid of Sid. In all seriousness, I really wanted Travel Ventures International to fail because it would give me a reason to tell Sid to go away. I did what I was supposed to do, I threw $250 in the hat and I enrolled two other members so that I would be qualified for the $10,000 board? In reality, I felt like someone should have hit me upside the head with a board for trying to prove Sid wrong.

In my ridiculous pursuit of wanting to be right, instead of rich trying to prove my insatiable little buddy wrong, I got rich. The darn thing worked! In less than three weeks I got an odd message from Travel Ventures International. I made a $500 bonus! CRAP!!! What was I to do? I was unable to prove my network marketing junkie friend wrong, he was right and I was $500 richer! I received my initial money back and made $250 and I owned a 7 day, 6 night travel ventures vacation certificate, a really nice travel booking system and I was enrolled in my own home based business, all for $250. Maybe my friend finally stumbled across a winner.

Within 70 days of joining TVI Express I get a call from Sid who I was convinced was going to pitch me on yet another network marketing company. It is Sid calling again, and I am thinking, “Oh Mary Jesus”, he has found a another company! When I answered the phone what he told me absolutely caught me by surprise. I was on the ‘express board” and I had made $10,000!!! HOLY MOLEY!!!! Now what am I going to do? Sid was right and I was RICH, RICH, RICH!

The Moral of the story is that it pays to be rich and people who want to be right all the time really are the poor ones. In life usually the ones who run around trying to be right all the time are the poor ones and the ones who have an unquenchable thirst for being rich sometimes become rich. I learned a great lesson in my experience with Sid and Travel Ventures International, and that is “to achieve great things, you must believe you can achieve great things”. I received my payout right before Christmas, what a blessing. God proved me wrong so I could be rich.

Travel Ventures International is easy to understand, it is affordable to join and the product is what everyone dreams about. I love to travel and earn money. I do not have to fill up my garage with an autoship feature, I do not have to pay a ridiculous monthly fee for a website and I do not have to attend weekly meeting to hang out with a bunch of fake it til you make it people. No, today I am promoting private travel memberships with TVI Express and my life could not be better. This is a great company! I am so glad that my network marketing junkie friend Sid proved me wrong because deep inside I had the same dreams that he did, but I had suppressed them

If you want to revive your dreams, believe again, find a company like Travel Ventures International and enroll two other people who want to dream again; and you very well could be rich rather than right. As my one of my mentors, Dr. Stephen Covey says, find your voice and go help others find theirs.

Tom McMurrain is a Gold Member with Travel Ventures International and the author of The Unfair Advantage – “How to Succeed at Network Marketing When 97% Fail”. Mr. McMurrain is the founder of The Lead King, which provides training on lead generation and leadership.
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