Unique Original Articles » Christmas Present idea: Lucky Few are Buying $1 Million properties for Just 2%

Christmas Present idea: Lucky Few are Buying $1 Million properties for Just 2%

Author: BENA

There's a new "hidden" fact that a lucky few have already discovered that's enabling them to literally buy houses that ordinarily sell for around $1 Million or more - but now for just $1,997 or LESS!

There are over 3000 counties in USA, and each county possesses this golden new opportunity whereby anyone with less than $100 to seldom around $5,000 can buy propreties ordinarily valued from $30,000 to frequently above $5 million! - and for just 1% to rarely above 5% their selling costs!

And the GREAT fact is that you may be living anywhere and still buy any home you want - even if you're 3,000 miles away or more!.

But, you don't have to visit the county you buy the homes in – instead, you can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your home using just your PC!

This is what makes this such a wonderful opportunity, in that you can go online to some select websites, then pick and choose the houses you want, and then purchase them for between 1%-5% at most.

In any event, Anyway you make money!

You basically buy a propertyowner's tax lien certificate because he or she wasn't able to pay their property taxes.

They by law must pay you anywhere from 16% to as much as 50% in interest - and in many cases they must pay you back within as little as half a year.

But, if they can't pay you back, YOU own their property free and clear (and for what usually amounts to just 1% of the property's actually selling value)!

Now, at this point you may either keep the house for yourself, or you can swiftly turn around and resell it (NO matter what the economy status is!) to banks, lenders or private buyers answering your little classified ad! - and where you make a killing!

The website that has all the facts as to how you can do this from the comfort of your home is here:


But I wish to strongly encourage you to take action and go there as I heared that they are going to withdraw this exciting opportunity as soon as they reach the maximum number of "members" they can handle.

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