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Learn to Lose Weight Online and Get Free Tips

Author: Brumner

People all over the world are looking for reliable diet advice, right? Right. They want to know how to lose the fat and look sexy again. We all know the point is to lose weight, fast, so suddenly that it looks like it happened instantly to everyone else.

Look, I’ve been into fitness for ten years...I LOVE that rush after hitting the gym, and topping it off with an invigorating meal full of energizing ingredients. I’ve tried lots of weird diet stuff – vegan, juice fasting, low carbs, even drinking meal replacement shakes.

On my own I intuitively found ways to stay around 8% body fat eating six meals a day, and even big sloppy chocolate fudge sundaes once in a while at that. I just wanted my abs to always have that ripped six pack look. Classic Fight Club Style. The key was manipulating metabolism.

Well, I can't teach the whole planet a gym class, so I'm doing the next best thing: finding the best weight loss courses and diet information online and posting them here. I review and give commentary so that you can easily decide which one you want.

Anyway, most people start out with a rather common complaint, in fact this is usually the first thing I hear: "I've been eating less frequently, but nothing's happening."

They also usually ask: "What kind of fitness approach is best for me?" Now, I gotta be honest. There ARE some crazy, effective, and powerful weight loss programs! They work, too.

But, most of the online information (especially free) is geared towards people who either want to make monstrous muscle gains or do the same boring exercises that took up the first 10 minutes of your high school gym class. It's the rule, not the exception.

Furthermore, most people who come to me with diet queries just want to look like a cut, sexier version of themselves. And they want to accomplish that fast, and in exciting ways.

Lately, I've been showing them these videos (they're free, no worries).

This site also discusses 5 key facts about core and ab work. Many myths are dispelled here which I agree with from personal experience. For example, did you know that many health foods are secretly disguised junk foods? Or that the sit ups and crunches most people do aren't utilizing their core's maximum potential?

Crunches certainly don't hurt, and no form of healthy exercise is bad, however I personally want to always have the most EFFECTIVE practice possible when I need to, don't you? Why spend 20 extra minutes "sort of" getting cut abs when you could spend less time and get better results? Exactly, no one would. :)

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~Sam Jones

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