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How Stay At Home Moms or ParentsCan Make Money While You Look After The Kids!

Author: Andrew Oldham

life you want to lead.

With the ease of using the (Internet these days and the endless amount of resources you can bring in more money on the Internet tapping into existing hobbies, passions, previous working skills, or selling other peoples products, than working at most full time employment.

What would I sell?
Begin with your hobbies, interests, passion, things your kids are wanting all the time. Use the internet to search for demanding market trends There are also thousands

How easy is getting started online and what are the costs to getting started!
It’s quite simple as long as you keep it simple to start with. There are thousands of ideas, schemes, scams, systems, blogs, forums & useless advice that you can get distracted on and waste a lot of time.
[My advice is to do you research, spend time on Blogs built by indviduals that have been in your shoes and have started their own business and create a plan of attack!.

Does It Cost a Lot? All you need is a laptop/desktop and an Internet connection. For approx $6 per month you can get a web site hosted, free domain name and a free website. If you find it scary about setting a website, there are FREE websites that all you need to do is add your ideas, products etc or for a small price get a website built very quickly for you.

Here is a place to begin!

1. Create a small plan and create a few goals to work towards
2. Find a product or create a product to sell online
3. Research your target market
4. Build an informative website
5. Build a plan to generate leads to your website
6. Leverage from Social Networking sites
7. Your started your first Online business

When starting out, start small, stay focused and set small goals.


Andrew has been helping people and small businesses get a head start to developing a business online and from home. His key focus is on leveraging time and resources! Check out http://easybusiness-success.com
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