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Before you sign up with WorldWideSignUp read this!

Author: Jerry Burke

Ok, you are about to join with WorldWideSignUp – just as did... ...So you can take advantage of Max International before it launches in your nation. Or you are considering this. Personally, I believe you’ll find signing up was a good choice because you’ll be able to capitalize on a great head-start with Max, and increase you chances of making huge profits - just like I did.

However, there are some things you’ll need to know about Max International BEFORE you sign up with WorldWideSignUp – things that I did not know. What? You will want to know how to make the most money with Max International, with the least amount of effort AND without running out of money. Put simply, there is both an easy way to do things and a difficult or impossible way. Let me tell you the easiest way to do this.

I am going to reveal to you how my girlfriend and I created our Max International fortunes, so you can simply copy us – without the pain we went through.

We have to start at the beginning for you to maximize the benefits of our experience.

My girlfriend and I were suffering in the employment rat race, with too much stress, too little time, and no real progress in our financial situation. It became unbearable. We were simply driven to the point where SOMETHING had to be done. We had talked about home business ideas endlessly; now it was time to get STARTED. But how? And what type of business would we start?

We loved the idea of creating residual income but had no idea how to go about it. We joined TOO MANY opportunities trying to figure things out. Neither of our backgrounds were entrepreneurial, or involved any online business, so our learning curve was as big as could be.

Our pain pushed us forward.

We realized in time that network marketing is the best vehicle for creating wealth in the home business industry. What'd you say? Having a look at this was about as obvious as it gets! The possibilities for profit we found were incredible. In fact, so vast was the earning potential that it quite literally gave us sleepless nights - the good kind. We had honed in on what was really important and had NO DOUBT which way to proceed.

Once we knew that network marketing was the easiest road to home business millions all we had to do was find a network marketing program.

We started our business with the first half decent network marketing company we found, reveling in the opportunity's big promises of easy wealth. These promises were endorsed by our sponsor, the fellow network marketer who signed us up, and life in general looked peachy. And we stepped forward as quickly as possible to reserve our place on "Easy Street," loaded with a bunch of quick tactics from our sponsor.

So to get to the heart of the story, after 6 months of work we had absolutely no money to show for it! It was a total failure. We had tried every quick fix and trick our sponsor had instructed us to adopt, and we had nothing to show for our efforts. To add insult to injury, the network marketing company itself failed and went under…

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