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Are you on Information Overload with a Lack of Direction?

Author: Kathy Ascanio

Work from home businesses can totally overwhelm us with new information. Just when you thought you were on the right track, a whole slew of additional information comes at you. Better information than what you are currently working on, or so you thought!
You get in the groove, plan out what you are doing tomorrow and all the sudden another concept comes in that darn mailbox. You think you have a plan, before that last email concept arrived.
You begin to have so many logins and passwords that you are getting confused. You find a list is a must, the brain just doesn’t hold it all. You find a website that in hindsight is something you want to look at further, but you have hopelessly lost it, even after spending another two hours searching.
Are you trying to start your own website, conquer affiliate marketing, attempting to get the best traffic out there, learn to blog and subscribe to as many blogs as you possibly can, blast a few million emails a day, attain the holy grail of Search Engine Optimization, learn the many uses of auto responders and write classified ads until you have no more ideas in your brain? You are learning a whole new vocabulary with URL, PPC, CPA, SEO, CPC, CPM, CTR, FTP and on and on. Have you tried eBay, searching tirelessly for the perfect drop ship companies and studying all their drop ship criteria? Of course, do not forget how to get multiple free ads on craigslist, the entire time trying to learn to change your IP address so you don’t get booted? Yes, it is called Information Overload.
I know our head was meant to handle this much information, just not as quickly as we are attempting to shove it in there!
Here’s the worst. When you started this endeavor, you honestly thought it would be “easy”, because you are a fairly smart person. So because you are an honest, ethical person, you fill out all the sqeeze pages with your home phone number and email address you use to talk with family and friends. Now the phone rings non-stop at all hours and it is not uncommon to get 250-550 emails per day. All of them requesting you give your name and email address. You are now a tad more desperate. You’ve spent a fair amount of money, haven’t made much back and every suggestion that comes across is going to be “the one” that will make you a millionaire. The cycle just keeps going round and round, more emails and phone calls UNTIL you get smart. Open a free hotmail or gmail account and give out the phone number you do not use for friends and family.
Are you still with me? Feeling like you’ve been here before? Frustration level off the charts?
I had just about given up on the whole idea of Working From Home and actually earning money. But, never fear, I have found there are a handful of systems out there that are complete. Programs that actually keep you on task, hold your hand through the process and give you step by step video tutorials. Systems that make it easy for you to correspond via email or telephone. Just really scrutinize everything out there before buying. A dream lifestyle can still be possible.
Don’t let your frustration level hit where mine was. Take your time and make your choices carefully.
Best of luck. Working from home is a wonderful way to earn an income, once you find the right System.

Kathy Ascanio

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