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QROPS Advisers-Why do I need one?

Author: Jason Roberts

In every profession people need assistance, maybe the neighbour has a car problem, instead of visiting the garage he knows “a friend” who will help him fix it—result car now has more problems than it started with and the bill to sort it out is higher than at the beginning, familiar story?
Transferring UK Pensions is not something to tackle with “a friend” ,pension transfers often involves large capital sums and any incorrect help can either reduce the returns on the cash or even result in the money being taxed due to incorrect product or jurisdiction being used.
You have worked all your life to build up cash for the future, the UK government has now give you the opportunity to manage the cash in a tax friendly offshore location and give you access to some of your cash at age 50, changing to 55 shortly, the trick is to find a suitable QROPS broker that can guide you though the many steps necessary to finalise a move that creates more returns for you in the best possible way.
Misleading advice occurs in all industries, pension transfers also has its fair share of inappropriate advice offering you magic figures-100% of all your cash tax free after 5 years-
Already we have seen Gibraltar and Singapore schemes halted by the HMRC since these offerings fell outside the HMRC remit .Those clients that took this route are now fighting to get their pensions back on track, they are now in limbo and not earning a cent in interest whilst the relevant parties sort out the issues. Had the clients contacted QROPS advisers with both experience and up to date information this would not have happened.
What extra benefits can be derived from using specialist pension transfer companies?
Well lets assume you have successfully being guided through the processes and the monies are now with an overseas QROPS, this is not the end of the matter, your capital now has to earn money to build up your pension pot even more.
If you are left to your own devices the chances are you will select funds and markets you know well, sadly these historically good funds may not be where you should be over the ensuing years. What you need to have is a broker that can keep you informed of the world markets, introducing you to different market sectors and different regions, all aimed at spreading your portfolio, always within your own risk criteria.
In addition you should look for 24/7 online valuations and the ability to easily change the portfolio mix. This is key to getting added value from your pension transfer. The better QROPS advisers will assign you a personal consultant; they will be on hand to look after you throughout the entire time you hold a QROPS with them.
The other thing to consider is other financial planning areas, now the pensions are sorted you may still have need for advice on health insurance, offshore banking and regular savings accounts, you should check if your new advisers can offer these important aspects either directly or through a sister company, if they can then this is the kind of broker to consider.
To conclude not all QROPS advisers work in the same manner, use companies offering only 100% approved QROPS schemes, see what they can offer by way of charges and investment advice and of course future valuations and investment advice, check if they offer additional services that you may require at some future point.

Jason Roberts has sought advice from specialist QROPS advisers http://www.freeukpensions.info after requesting a Free Guide on behalf of some friends. For more information visit http://www.freeukpensions.info
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