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Top 7 tips for struggling Internet Marketer looking to grow income (You’re not alone)

Author: Askdubli

Are you struggling to grow income or grow residual income from your internet business whatever you’re trying to promote? Guess what, here is a news flash – you’re not alone. 99% of Internet Marketers give up after a few months of effort. They simply drop off as it’s not easy to make regular income unless you’re promoting something of unique value and you know how to reach to your customer. Unfortunately, no single silver bullet can solve the problem.

If these below sound like you, read on:
- Freshers or a little old into this Home Business marketing industry
- Want to grow a stream of side income
- Haven’t made any real money, YET; only living on promise
- On a low budget & you’re still spending all you can without any return!
- Spent too much time surfing to get tools, techniques to generate leads – now confused
- Have seen every over-sold pitch, promises & systems out there

Here are Top 7 (no BS) strategies for you to capture leads right from start:

1. Sign up one ListBuilder service – you can use free but best if you can afford a few dollars here to get premium service (with possible residual commission). Viralurl, Listjoe, Listbandit are some of them to choose from.
2. Be active in Social Networking media – you can join for free in most sites. Facebook, Myspace or Directmatches are the best and spend some time to set up your profile nicely as people connect with you first before they may buy your product or service.
3. Use Free Classifieds – this is used extensively by existing network marketers hence, a very good option. Craiglist, Gumtree, USfreeads are a few amongst hundreds of them out there.
4. Leverage Video Marketing – It’s one of the most cost effective yet easiest marketing strategy that drives high quality prospects to your site for FREE. It also improves conversion rate and can be maximised to your advantage. A few good places to start are Youtube, Googlevideo, Viddler etc.
5. Forum Marketing – Crete your own blog separately or integrate in to your site. Be active and write freequently in your blogs and add meaningful contents to drive traffic to your site.
6. Content Marketing – Write regular fresh content of interest to wider audience and post into various article databases like ezinearticles or articlebase to name a few.
7. Paid marketing techniques - Need a little cash budget to be consistent on ezines or soloads are effective value for money when actioned well. There are more powerful Pay per click (PPC) Marketing like GooglePPC, Pay Per Impression (PPI) are effective advanced strategies.

For your website & email marketing campaigns, pay special attention to your content – should be short & sharp. Regularly offer value & training to your followers. Also write a marketing plan & stick to it for a while to see the results. While key is to find the Perfect Home Business Opportunity for you, next challenge is to reach your prospects.

To find more on Network Marketing resources, visit: www.askdubli.com/resource.html

To find more on Network Marketing resources, visit: www.askdubli.com
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