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Currency Trading Systems

Author: Mark Marinino

These times are tough for the financial world. The global economic crisis has affected markets and economies worldwide and has left the financial markets uneasy. The crisis has deepened recently due to negative investor sentiment. In these times many investors are taking their money from the stock market and looking for other places to invest.

A lot of people have found this choice in the forex market. Unlike other financial markets the forex market literally cannot crash. This is due to the fact that in the forex market individual invests in a currency's value relatively to another currency. A person is always buying and selling at the same time. Therefore one can profit when one currency weakens against another just as much as if it were strengthening against the same currency. In fact,many believe the global crisis is a positive thing. Volatility in the forex market, despite perhaps making it more risky, also gives an invester a better chance to make a profit. The sharper the swings the currencies go through against each other, the more money investors who trade forex can make.

And because this unpredictability makes the trades riskier, forex dealers also provide traders with tools to reduce their losses. Stop Loss orders are a very commonly used tool in forex traders, because they allow traders to limit the amount they are risking while their profits remain potentially limitless. One does not even have to risk all of their investment. For example, if one invests $100 on a trade they can place a stop loss order that will close the trade in case the rate of the currency pair reaches a level that leaves only $50 to take back. This allows investors to protect themselves from unpredictable market movements while concurrently allowing them to take advantage of this same market volatility.

Despite these obvious benifits, some investors still are afraid to start trading forex since they've never done it before. This is where the eToro platform comes in. The eToro forex trading platform is a perfect place to get started in the forex market because eToro provides you with all the advantages of forex trading incorporated into a simple and visual interface. eToro's revolutionary trade visualization make it easy for people new to forex to learn to trade currency.

eToro's educational guides, tutorials and forums also give you access to all the forex information you can possibly require. You can then converse this information in eToro's chats, take part in free to enter trading challenges, and take a tip from the pros using eToro's Top Traders' Insight tool. You can also practice forex trading using virtual money with real live market prices.

eToro`s Features:

Innovative user-friendly interface - execute trades with one click of a button.

Unlimited practice - practice your trading techniques with virtual money and live rates.

Streaming news - get the latest forex info as it happens.

Low spreads - trade with the lowest spreads online, as low as 2 pips spread.

Superb execution - trades are executed immediately with great precision.

Low margin requirement - start trading forex with only $50, and get a first deposit bonus of up to $1000!

Commodities Trading - trade Gold, Silver and Oil on the eToro platform.

Webtrader - no need to download the trading platform to your computer.

Community experience - connect with your fellow forex traders using public and private chats and forums.

Trading challenges - win prizes simply by trading, no entry fees required!

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