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Forex Apocalypse Expert Advisor Nightmare

Author: Kathy Alonso

The sales page looks too good to be true. Having little knowledge about Forex Trading it piqued my interest and after finding no negative reviews anywhere I decided to try forex Apocalypse. The idea that it was a plug and play EA which could be set up and left to do what it does without being tweaked was very appealing to me. Reviews described that it made few transactions but was very reliable. It was said to avoid risky short term moves and go for more long term earnings.
After I purchased the software I was taken to metatrader.com which as stated on the page was recommended for use with this EA. The sign up process was lengthy and included giving my bank information. The software was only available for windows and so I had to install it on a friend’s computer. I funded my account through Paypal and installed the Apocalypse EA. I had trouble getting the EA to start working and contacted MetaTrader support about the issue. Affter telling me to reinstall their software they said that they could not help me because they do not provide technical support for EA’s they suggested I contact the Forex Apocalypse EA support.

I was unable to find any support link on their website but found the email I received when I purchased the Forex Apocalypse. I sent my question about setting up the EA through this email. They responded within 24 hours, which was very impressive but by then I had figured out what the problem was. The EA did not have permission to do live trading. I changed the settings and was ready to go.

I left it on the default settings which were the following:
magic number : 20202111
eachtickmode : true
Lots: .5
stop loss: 250
takeprofit: 500
trailing stop;: 65
slippage: 3

I had it working on 30 minute graphs and all major currencies.
It took a few days to make the first purchase and that same day I lost over $250. I was concerned that it may not have been running 24/7 so I subscribed to ForexHoster, which allowed the EA to be running 24/7 without any disruptions or delays. This costs about $60 a month. I also read through the Forex Apocalypse manual again and found that it said that the graphs should be set at 4 hours and 1 hour for best accuracy.
I made these changes and left the EA running again. I was hopeful when a few days later the EA made another purchase and it looked like this one would make a profit. Unfortunately within a few hours I ended up out another (over)$250. I wrote to the Forex Apocalypse support and told them about my concerns and asked for any suggestions. I was told to use shorter timeframes and that “EUR/USD is the recommended currency pair as it produces the most stable signals”. So I made these changes… But I kept losing money. And three weeks from the day that I first purchased this EA, I had lost almost 900 dollars. This was a hard learned lesson and I hope this review helps others.
Now I’ll be attempting to get a refund for this EA. It won’t make up for all the money I lost but at least I can get my initial $67 back. I’ll also be unsubscribing from ForexHoster sine I won’t be needing this service anymore.

And doubtless I will not be dabbling in Forex Trading again or falling for sales pages that seem too good to be true.

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Kathleen Alonso - President ProsperLane.com

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