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Easter Verse - Is It Actually Worth Listening To?

Author: Greg Dutch

There are many Easter poems with springtime motifs for the popular holiday Easter. These can be found on greeting cards, as well as online. Read a few of them.

Here is a popular Easter poem by Winfred Sackville Stoner Junior:

Joy in the future is breathed by Easter, despair can't make it less, the day can take away your sorrow, and breathe the future celebrated.

More of this fabulous entry into Easter poems grand anthems swell to stars, and see the sweet flowers in bloom, when you die know that life hasn't ended so soon, your soul like a flower returns.

Many Easter poems reflect the birth symbols of the spring.

Robina Field wrote some Easter poems like the next one.

The world is filled with gladness; the bells of Easter ring; Each pure white lily's waking, to welcome infant spring.

Like many Easter poems this one has a chorus.

Hear the bells children, for they say, the sweetness of the season, our lord rose today!

Not all Easter poems are about the religious aspect of Easter. Five Little Easter Eggs is one of this type.

Five tiny Easter eggs, all in beautiful color: mother had a blue one, and then left were only four.

Now only four Easter eggs, two and two:Tony wanted the red one, only three remain.

Three Easter eggs remain, before I could react, sister had the yellow one, now only two.

Only two Easter eggs remain, still they are fun, brother ate the purple egg, now only one remains.

One little Easter egg; see me run! I ate the very last one, and then there were none.

Another of the Easter poems is based on the popular Christmas poem the Night Before Christmas. It goes like this:

Was the day before Easter, and all through the woods, the bunnies were busy packing their goods. The eggs were tucked in their baskets, ready for the new, Easter day.

The end ist a lot like the Night Before Christmas. He said not a word, as he hopped around the house, leaving baskets and eggs for all those who were around.

For more Easter poems, perform a Google search. You will definitely profit from listening to quality poetry at this time in the calendar. It is really restful and is seen to be positive for the soul.
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