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Can You Buy Great Cars Through The Net?

Author: Greg Dutch

It's easy to find discounted car bargains at car auctions. There you'll find everything from luxury automobiles to junk projects. Whether it's for personal use or resale, a lot of people acquire automobiles in this manner. This pleasant experience, however, can quickly turn sour if you don't know a few things.

One possible problem is that the purchase might not be a good one. The car won at auction might turn out to be a lemon. The rule of the auction jungle is as is. The old children's show Electric Company taught children about this with a man considering used car with an as is sign in the window As he inspects the car he asks a lot of questions to which the salesman always responds as is. After the sale is final the buyer tries to drive the car, but the doors fall off and the engine explodes. He exclaims I want the car as was! Don't be like that man.

Car auctions generally give potential buyers time to look over the cars. If an auction won't do that, run. Spend time at the facility before the auction begins. Inspect and take a spin in the interesting autos. Bring a mechanic to provide an expert eye. If that can't happen then test drive it to a quick inspection at a garage. A good mechanic can provide a thorough inspection in a short time. Look for other issues such as dings or dents or rust .

Another problem is inherent in auctions. People assume that the auction price will be a great deal, but often it ends up being more expensive than purchasing the item through a normal sales process. Like other types of auctions, auto auctions can be the same way. Bidding might rise beyond the real value of the car. There are also fees to pay, so pay close attention. Know the prices of similar models in similar conditions from Kelly Blue Book or other sales data. With Internet enabled phones and the like it's now easy to look up this information while on site. Even for the car of your dreams, don't bid more than its value.

It's not hard to find bargains at auctions. But keep your eyes and ears open. If a deal appears too good to be true, it is, even at car auctions.
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