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EPC– What is an EPC, and Do I Need One?

Author: J. martin

By a world-wide challenge tobecome more energy efficient, companies in England are now starting to implement mandatory inspections for properties before they can be sold or rented. This is where an “EPC” comes into play. Energy Performance Certificates were put into effect on October 1, 2008. These certificates must be obtained by inspection before a house can go out on the market. The EU did this to start putting regulations on home that would ensure greener living, no matter how the owner or tenant chose to live. Here we’ll look into a few different EPCs available to you.
A residential Energy Performance Certificates is used for an actualhouse. Landlords for rental properties a required to get an assessment of the home before anyperson can rent it. Those who fail to comply with this rule may be subjected to a £200 fine or more. An assessment costs far less than that and is well worth the money to be within the confines of the law. Throughout the assessment, a company will look at the hot water systems, heating units, insulation, glazing, building, size and location to determine how efficient the house is. If everything passes, the owner of the Home is issued an Energy Performance Certificates and can continue renting the house once again.
A commercial EPC will be given out in the same way, but the assessment of the property occurs on a larger scale. Commercial buildings are split into a few different categories before the assessment. One category is Level 3, where the building is more than 50 m2 and has a heating system of less than 100 kW or a cooling system of less than 12 kW. Then there’s Level 4 NDEPCs, which is comprised of new buildings that no one lives in or buildings that have heating systems greater than 100 kW and cooling systems larger than 12 kW. Level 5 NDEPCs are large, complex buildings that are more than 10,000 m2 and require special software to assess.
Overall, you Might greatly gain from obtaining an because Energy Performance Certificateswithout it, you will be charged a hefty fine. The assessment doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost a lot of cash. In the end, you may be happy to have gotten one just to know how efficient you truly are. The assessors will let you know different ways to improve your efficiency throughout the inspection, and you can respond to their suggestion accordingly. You can learn more about EPCby going to DP Energy

What is an EPC - Energy Performance Certificates
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