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Author: Bob Shiloh

Used Office Furniture - Where The Deals Are

Whether you're trying to furnish a small space or an entire floor in an office building, used office furniture is the answer to your budget concerns. There is absolutely no reason to pay top dollar again.

Used items come at pennies on the dollar, and depending on the item, what kind of shape it's in, and whether you are buying a single piece or an entire lot. Look for companies moving or going out of business. The closer it gets to the day they are due to vacate, the more generous the discount you will get. For companies who are moving, selling their furniture is actually cheaper than moving it.

If designing a home office is your new project, ask around for information on who might be selling what, or ask if they have anyone in their network who has what you're looking for. Places like Facebook are ideal to put the word out. Using this networking method can usually help you find at least a desk and a chair for less than $50. If you're lucky enough to find someone who happens to be buying new things for his own home office and wants to dump everything he has now, make an offer on the entire room. You might not need a four drawer file cabinet right now, but if you can get it for $15, why not?

Start paying attention to your junk mail and all the circulars that come in your newspaper. Look for stores that need to sell their floor samples of office furniture. Most of the furniture in this price bracket needs to be assembled. It's cheaper for the stores to all but give it away rather than take it apart again and store it out back. Storage space costs money. You could get a great deal even it does come with a few dings.

Because of the economy, many newspaper even have a special section in their For Sale column specifically for office furniture. The good thing about this is that most papers also have an online version and the same ad can most likely be found online with photos. You'll know right away if it's something you're interested in.

Look through some second hand and consignment shops too. Granted, they may not have a huge selection of things you could put in an office, but if you can find something "doable" for a price that can't be beat. After all, who is really going to see your home office besides you and the dog?

If something more elaborate is what you had in mind, and finding "cheap" really isn't a concern, you might be able to find a local designer or manufacturer who wants to get rid of sample pieces. You can find some unbelievable bargains like this. Of course, you really need to believe that a $10, 000 desk going for $2800 is the deal of a lifetime!

Every Main St. Has some type of second hand store. Stop in and see what they have. Most likely, they're willing to deal, too.

Office furniture nowadays plays a crucial role to the interior decorators along with the commercial office decoration. Used Office Furniture New Jersey They are separated by a fine line, the talent is something that you inherit. For the management, taller and larger cubicles are ideal.
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