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Modern Men and Male Shaving

Author: Mark Bown

Like the other mammals human bodies are also covered with hair.. The only difference is that the animals would need hair to guard themselves from the adverse climatic conditions and we human have better ways than that to fight the weather conditions.

Unwanted hair has been a concern from a very long time, in fact since the time we have started to move towards civilization. This was initially for women but now men are no less. Conventionally men’s shaving was restricted to the hair on their face, for which they would use the shaving cream and a bladea blade and the shaving cream to remove them. But over time men have become more sensitive towards their look. The era when men concentrated on their muscle power to attract women seems to have [passed by. Now it’s the era of the metro sexual man.

Metro sexual men take care of the way they look the way they dress and most importantly would take care of all the unwanted body hair, besides the face shaving.Nowadays you see endless saloons that are catering to the needs of the metro sexual man. They not only get their facial hair shaved but at the same time they are making sure that their eyebrows are in shape, there is no hair protruding out of their nostrils. They make sure that their arms and legs are clean and their arm pits clear. It sounds more like a woman taking care of the unwanted hair. But no, this is for real.

regulates the supply. Women like men who are more sensitive and sophisticated rather than heartless and macho. This is the basic reason why men have shifted their booming ways to being neater by riding themselves of their unwanted hair. This doesn’t mean that men are moving towards the feminine side of the fence. This just means that they are trying to be as clean and attractive as possible.

You see that men are still working out at the gym to have a sexy and lean body to allure the opposite sex but the only difference is that they are taking care of the hair on their chest, arms, and legs and at times on their back. This is enhancing their existing physique. Male shaving has now become very common. It began being popular in the initial part of the last decade and now it seems to have settled.

Male shaving has has become more popular over the last ten years
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