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Get Her To Look at You

Author: Lex Houston

When your building attraction with females this is an important smarts to have. Having a high level of confidence is what I am talking about here. Confidence is one of the first things that ladiesrecognize about guys by a long shot. Being comfortable and happy with you is one of the best ways to start improving you confidence level. Think about this for a second, if you’re not happy about you, why would anybody want to be excited about meeting or getting to know you? Working on your appearance is another great way to build on to your confidence level. When you look excellent you feel gnarly. Let's take it back for a moment, Remember that night before the first day back to school. You was extremely excited because you thought you outfit was going to be the best outfit back to class and everybody was going to be looking at you. Remember how excited and confident you were. You need to have the same type of confidence about yourself. You Should be thinking I can wait till the ladies see me in this type of attitude.Working out, and having good hygienics are great starts to boosting your confidence levels.

Now, you will begin to notice a shift by seeing the females begin to start "double talking" on you, that once you get your swagger and mojo into full effect. You will start to build more confidence. With better posture, a smoother walk and more looks from females. Now, here’s how the secret works. Don't notice them, don't pay them any attention. Women are attention whores and they will do anything to be notice if they feel that you’re not paying them any attention. When you are feeling and looking good, don't worry about thefemales.They will try to attempt to get your attention by talking, laughing louder or moving closer to you for you to notice them.

This is a routine that works best in night clubs, bars and lounges.This will work magic when you’re in the lounges. The method is to enter the spot or place with your swagger level on extreme. Make sure that you are feeling yourself before you go out, that really important. Next, you should go to the bar order something and act as if you’re waiting on a buddy to show up or something. Remember to mind your own business and not to look around too much. Then take a look around and you'll begin to see how the girls will begin to look for you. You've grabbed their attention without even trying. You are showing this by not noticing them because girls want what they can't have.Most of them will want to know why you don't see them. This will build your mystery factor and they will want to pursue you. Once you guys have mastered this technique girls will be wanting to start conversations with them or waiting for you to start the conversation.

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