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Seeing The World For A Startling Satellite View

Author: Joe Svarie

If you have ever tried looking at a satellite image using Google Earth or other apps or websites you will be familiar with just how awesome they are. I always remember looking at my own home as seen by a satellite in orbit. It was dramatic. The screen started out looking at our amazing planet earth, next just type in your zip or post code and the planet turned to our country. Then it looked closer and further until we could see the roof of my home. you can even see the neighbours trampoline in the backyard, woods, restaurants, nature reserves etc. It was mind blowing.

The great thing about watching satellite views is that you get to see real photographs from anywhere in the world, Death Valley, Ben Nevis, holes formed when dinosaurs roamed the world, you name it. Your also able to save and share that fantastic satellite image with friends and family and add some more interesting information like where you got married, or the road you first drove down.

Another thing you can do once you have discovered your sight is your able to move and revolve the satellite view showing a more 3D or birds eye view on buildings, mountains and landmarks on the terrain. Some people have asked me if the photos are in real time and if you run around outside your house will you see yourself? The answer is no, we would need a lot of satellites out in orbit if this could happen.

One possible problem that can happen, is your computer may not be powerful enough to run the software or show the 3D graphics. But if your computer can run it you have numerous options to look at

Man Made Landmarks
You can literally waste unlimited time on Google Earth whizzing in and out of all the worlds big man made items. Doing this has become a major popular time killer for pc users now. Watching the Great Wall of China from space, for example, can justify its size. Just the fact you can see it from space and covers a good portion of the Earth.

Nature Created Items
You can also enjoy browsing the net for satellite images of earths natural wonders. There are plenty to see in the US alone. The rainbow-colored hot springs of Yellowstone National Park, the huge gorge made by the Rio Grande, and the snow caps of California's Sierra Nevada are all fabulous views, especially when shot from low flying survey planes, which give better images and different views.

Google Street View
This is a great aspect of online digital mapping technology nowadays is the ability to see a street view of most major cities in the world. This is Google Maps street view option, of course, which permits you to visit almost any city on the map and take a virtual tour of it. The pictures used in streetview mode have been shot from thousands of car mounted cameras throughout the earth that work every day to keep the streetview option as current as feasible. If you spend enough time searching, you can find some pretty fascinating candid scenes. Everything from a freeway car wreck to a guy who visited a lady of the night.

You will have so much fun watching the satellite sights from Yahoo, Google and Bing even though Google Maps in all probability has the most comprehensive database of worldwide sights and the quickest reaction time for your sightseeing requirments. What are you waiting for, get searching the earth now.
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