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Is Dirt Bike Another Word For Motorcycle? - What Precisely Are Dirt Bikes And How Do You Use Them

Author: Greg Dutch

They are designed specifically for riding off the paved road. They're very popular. Here are some details.

In the 1800s all motorcycles were really dirt bikes. That was when motorcycles were first used.

Roads weren't paved. That means all riding was done off road. Originally, motorcycle races took place on dirt paths shaped like ovals.

So motocross was really the first type of racing.

1959 saw the beginning of dirt bikes in America. A tiny bike shop started operating in Los Angeles, with a man named Honda running it. Bikers were considered outlaws. Motorcycles weren't popular with the average people.

Nobody had heard of an off road bike. Honda had a brain storm. He developed a clever slogan you meet the nicest people on Honda. Everyone heard it. Tiny women rode bikes around trails in the ads.

The concept of a trail bike suddenly became popular.Mini dirt bikes have become widely used. They cost very little which is why people like them. Some are under $800. Now everyone who has wanted a bike can afford it. They can go as fast as 80 mph. Because they cost so little, the cost for insurance is correspondingly low. However, it should be noted that because of the way people use dirt bikes that increases the risk and they can be more expensive to insure than a regular motorcycle.

People ride dirt bikes in many activities.

That's why there are slightly different bikes. Motocross is probably the best known. This is an off-road race that includes jumps. These bikes can't hold a lot of fuel. They are not road legal. Their suspensions are often complex. Engines are generally small.Another type of activity for dirt bikes is Enduro.

These are distance races. This type of bike must carry more fuel.

Track racing bikes are dirt bikes.. This is high speed racing. The tracks are ovals, covered with dirt. Breaks aren't needed. Because the track is smoother than in motocross they also have no suspension.

Generally they have two gears. They're often fueled by methanol. They are definitely not road legal.Dirt bikes can refer to many things - and all of them are good!!. Dirt bikes are awesome fun to ride - some say better thana normal motorcycle and some say less - but all in all a great source of enjoyment - just drive them safely.

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