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Buying The Ideal Bicycle For You

Author: Greg Dutch

A ride on a bicycle tends to take one to flashback memory when as youngsters bicycle ride to schools with friends was an enjoyable affair. Because of the high price of petrol people now just prefer riding bicycles more often.

Another reason for popularity of bicycle is unlike bikes and four-wheelers, it does not pollute the environment. Bicycles does'nt need much maintenance. Riding bicycles can also be healthy for you lifestyle which burns cholesterol and calories. Sport events like Tour de France inspires people for bicycle ride.

If you are looking to purchase a bicycle for just casual use or for some serious training, then this article is exactly what you need. There are different types of bicycles. It also depends on how long and short the distance of riding the bicycles and how it picks up. For example, the pick up power of street riding bicycles are different from that of race riding bikes.

The trekking or expedition bikes come with stronger structure. Now even hybrid bicycles are available in foldable manner for easy transportation in a narrow area. Similarly another category of bicycles are all terrain bicycles which are suitable for every occasion. Bicycles are manufactured specific to gender because traditionally, women are short and tend to have a shorter reach. Hence the top tubes are slanted to make it easier to dismount even in a skirt.

With more expensive bicycles the suspensions may be adjusted to your convenience. Before buying you should decide which type of bicycle suits your need. Another important thing to consider when buying a bicycle is to make sure the height is suited for you or else your money will just go to waste. It would be better if you go for a test ride to check if you are comfortable with the size of the bicycle. Bicycles come in different sizes even if you are considerably short.

Pick the right bicycle that is specific to your height. Also you must pick the saddle specific to the shape of you waist. You can go for changing the saddle, if the one in bike does not fit you.

Gears are important component of bicycles. It is always important to check the gears to make sure the bicycle runs properly. Brakes and wheel come next in the consideration while buying a new bicycle. While buying a new bicycle, it is always a good idea to buy other safety accessories such as helmet, knee-pads, gloves which are a must while riding a bicycle.

People take it for granted that bicycle riding is a safer option as compared to electronic bikes. People should consider the number of road accidents that happen every year because of careless bicycle riding. So always abide by the traffic rules. Bicycle racing is never meant for city roads. Always follow the rules and always avoid going into a red light if ever there is cross traffic.

If you are riding at night, a front headlight is mandatory for your bicycle. Do use a loudhorn if ever you are overtaking other vehicles.

To avoid speeding cars and accidents always go the farthest left side. If you wanna enjoy a safe bicycle riding always follow these certain and important things.
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