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The Pleasure Of Gardening

Author: Greg Dutch

Every person needs their own time, some way to relax, some sort of task to release tension from our day to day lives. Many people have discovered that through gardening they maintain a more peaceful composure. Gardening has
been done worldwide over thousands of years, it must work.

The country's economy is not exactly in the best of conditions, unemployment rate is highly increasing all over. For some families planting a vegetable garden would help financially. If families were to be able to grow a good portion of their own vegetables, it would save them money that could be spent elsewhere. Gardening
may give you a few extra dollars.
Nature is

being helped by you as you plant flowers and bushes, and you get to for fill your passion. As you

look out across your gardens and flower beds, you many notice bumble bees and hummingbirds darting from

one flower to another. The nectar is their food and they pollenize as they go. Having flower gardens will keep hummingbirds

coming back year after year, they will come to depend on your food source. They do

appreciate your gardening skills as you have made a buffet and a rest stop for them.

Organic gardening is becoming the most popular method used today. Gardening organically is good for the environment because it

uses no pesticides or chemicals that seep into soil and water causing pollution. So you are

contributing to a better environment when you garden organically. Use carrot peels, eggshells, other food waste as fertilizers your soil will be

enriched without being polluted. Every person needs to go green.

You also get to be outside and have some fresh air. If your gardening in hot weather, wear light

clothing and sunscreen. Do

not overexert yourself. Have fun

and enjoy your gardening hobby.
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