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Cardio Exercise - The Advantages Of A Good Cardio Exercise Routine

Author: Greg Dutch

The benefits of cardio exercise programs extend not only to weight loss but to overall health improvement as such. The cardiovascular or cardio name of certain training forms results from the intense heart stimulation that occurs during the activity in question. This means that with a more intense heart beat, more blood gets pumped towards the muscles and causes fat burn or energy consume. A cardio exercise program will stimulate the entire body, and here we refer not only to the skeletal and the muscles but to the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems as well. Plus, the metabolism accelerates in the effort of producing more energy necessary for the intense operations.

Any physical activity can receive the name of cardio exercise as long as it stimulates the body as described before. Experts in fact emphasize the importance of sticking to one activity you like for better results and personal satisfaction. Good cardio exercise examples include aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging, stair climbing, rowing or skiing, but the list is far from over. The important part is not the sport or the activity you engage in as such, but the method of practicing it. Smooth and healthy training should thus never overlook some important stages of any physical exercise. Bicycle riding is a truly excellent cardio workout activity - not only is it fun but also its very good for you

Practice a cardio exercise for thirty or sixty minutes at least three times a week. However, start gradually, with a ten-minute warm up for the heart rate to increase slowly towards the peak expected in full cardio training. Then, it is important to leave some time for rest between the workouts, because you can thus eliminate the risk of over-training and you allow the muscles to relax and increase in mass even when you're not working them.

Some of the sports included in the cardio exercise category are not at all easy to practice. They take time, perseverence and an ever better physical condition. Running for instance is definitely a challenge when you choose an up-hill route or when you start sprinting. The pressure put on the joints and muscles is incredible, but in thirty minutes of running you'll be able to burn some 300 calories which equals a pound and a half in weight. Hence, if you are determined to lose weight, a cardio exercise could be the passport for fitness.
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