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Beat Speeding Ticket, Even With New Speed Trap Device Being Tested.

Author: Bernard C. Johnson Jr.

There are some things that you should make your point of duty when it comes to information on how to beat speeding tickets.

It's certainly not a wonderful feeling to receive a speeding ticket especially if you're a law abiding citizen. Sometimes you just don't realize that you're going a few miles over the speed limit. Luck would have it that these type of incident just happen when we least expect, and puts us in the position of how you're going to beat this speeding ticket.

Just when you thought the police had everything they could need to catch you speeding (radar, laser, VA SCAR, photo) comes a revolutionary new concept that will change the way you drive forever.

The University of Tennesse is currently and vigorously testing this system, which determines your vehicle's speed by way of microphones (hidden on the side of the roads) which calculate speed by the sound of your car!

Yes, you heard right.

These devices filter all surrounding noise, leaving only the sound of your engine. Software then calculates the vehicle's speed by measuring the engine sound's Doppler shift - the change in a sound's pitch as its source moves past an observer.

The system can also measure the engine speed in rotations per minute by detecting the pulsing sound made by the pistons. There goes technology in action. They are trying constantly to decrease your chances to beat speeding ticket.

Despite their efforts, they haven't manage to come up with a solution for one thing... how to determine which car caused the high speed, so the device can then send information to an awaiting police officer down the road to pull over the suspect. I personally would not be surprised if they discover a way fix this problem in the near future.

As of now, this system in still in it's infancy. In Tennesse, they are placing these device on different traffic signs on certain roads. So far tests show the device is accurate within a few miles per hour.

The days of using your trusty radar detector to #keyword# will be a thing of the past. It will be almost impossible for you to be alerted of this speed trap because the device does not give off any signal.

As drivers, we are going to have a lot more challenges from this point onwards, because this device is but one of several currently being developed to catch speeding drivers for the sole purpose of increasing revenue for the states. I think we already pay too much for taxes, and now to add this!
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