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3 Steps - Do You Have to Change to Get What You Really Want?

Author: Sophie Maddox

Do you know why we hate change so much? Is change really the enemy? When it comes to getting what we want we often start an internal complaint when it comes to making a real change. But just think of all the good things which will come about as a result of a well timed complaint and a few changes. Would you believe me if I told you this was a great way to get what you really want.

Complaining is an effective tool when things go wrong. I bet no one has ever taught you how to use this effectively. The key to getting what you want is learning how to complain effectively. Yes you did read that right I'm saying that you do need to complain to get what you want.

But... the difference is in the delivery.

Lets look at two different approaches to the same scenario.

You've just received a bill for your cable company where you've been told you owe twice what you normally do.

Reaction One: You rush to get on the phone and after about 13 minutes or so you're really irritated now and you tell the Cable Representative on the other end of the phone just exactly what you think of the lousy company, well the person can't fix the bill they have to pass you on to tech support who passes you on to billing, and once it's fixed.

So yes you do get your problem fixed, however, now you've wasted at least an hour or more to get what you wanted.

Okay now on to option two and a different response. Same problem, but what if just for a few minutes once you get inside you absolutely refuse to think about the dreadful bill.

Instead you take time to unwind for a bit after your insanely busy day. You decisively change into your most comfortable jeans, and t-shirt, and you slowly walk to the refrigerator and pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite drink, and then make your way over to the bills piled on the counter.

The same time lapses from the time you pick up the call until someone comes on the line, but the difference is that you have changed your approach.

Pause for just a few seconds before the Cable Representative comes to the phone. You know you had a crazy day, pull up a brief mental movie of yourself from when you got up until you received that letter.

Next, and this is crucial, see if you can play a similar image in your mind about how the person on the other end of the phone might be feeling. Did they have a good day? Are they working the second shift, or is it possible that the company has laid off a few employees so those who are left are working extra time to make up for the shortage?

Make a connection.Use that image to connect with the person, in a genuine and real way, make sure that they know you relate.
Use this for an example 'I can imagine that it has to be tough listening to customers call in and complain to you about things that aren't even your fault.' Thank them for their help in general, make sure you get their name and information, to put in a word with their supervisor on how helpful they are. Then let them know what you need.

I know you can see how this can be so effective, you can get what you want when you make the other person feel that they matter. You're probably the nicest person they've met all day, this way you put them on your side, they want to help you, and you get your results minus the added stress.

Now in both cases you get what you wanted. But one example made it so much easier to get what you wanted. It's easier on you and easier on the person helping you.

So you don't have to change you just perhaps your approach, so a minor easy change.

Do you want some other must have techniques to get what you want?

Would you like to tell your boss a few things, want to know how to do it without conflict?
Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like a door mat?
Did you receive a bill you swear isn't yours?
If you answered yes to any of these or even came up with your own scenario then this book is for you.

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