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Do You Know How to Get What You Want?

Author: Sophie Maddox

Just Imagine, the one thing in your mind that you've felt you have no control over you suddenly have the ability to not only understand how to turn things around but now you know you have the ability to make it happen, you really can get what you want.

I know you want to know how so keep reading.

One quick disclaimer, I'm not saying you can get what you want all the time, every time. However, there are several things you can do to turn the tide in your favor so that more times than not you can get what you want from a situation.

Let's take a scenario many of us are familiar with and one that has made many of my friends and family's blood boil. The invisible person on the other end of the phone, who has a bubbly voice with a bit of rude just waiting around the corner, and unfortunately for you; you really need to get something from them.

Okay grab a pen, jot these down they'll really help you get over this hurdle.

1. Do them a favor

Just think for just a brief moment, you are sitting behind a desk all day long, answering calls from one upset person after the other, I don't know anyone who calls Customer Service because they are looking to simply pay someone a complement.

Well, if you want to get what you really want, be that person, or at least open the conversation looking to pay them a complement, don't fake it though, there is nothing a Customer Service Representative can see through quicker than a fake complement to get on their good side. Start with what you have liked about the product. There has to be something that drew you to the item in the first place. State this first before the problem.

2. Collect Information

Once you have established a rapport with them it's time to thank them for their help and tell them that you would like to make sure that their supervisor knows just how very helpful they've been. Get all the information you can.

Name, both the supervisors and the agent's
Phone, or ext.
3. Follow through, and keep information

Once you have the information follow through, make sure that you do send the e-mail or make the phone call, this will actually be good for you not only as a person, but this information is typically entered on your account, so when you need something in the future you have already established a great rapport.

Now you tell me if you were working on the other side of the phone and you had a pleasant person to work with who obviously pays complements and gets employees recognized for an outstanding job, would you be willing to help them out when this call comes in?

When you need something from someone in life, it's much easier to get what you want when you start by looking for a way to give something.

Make a conscious effort to not ask for something from someone without thinking how you can give them something first.

What else do you want?

Would you like to tell your boss a few things, want to know how to do it without conflict?
Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like a door mat?
Did you receive a bill you swear isn't yours?
If you answered yes to any of these or even came up with your own scenario then this book is for you.

Become a smashing success at turning a situation around in your favor. See how, or learn more free tips here.

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