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Paying Too Much For Cable- But Can't Give it Up?

Author: Sophie Maddox

As you read through this article you'll feel confident that you can have your cake and eat it too. Things were so tight for me that I had not only shut off my television but to turn off my land line and get a cheaper car. I hated not having cable, but I didn't see anything else that I could do.
The only thing that I kept was the internet, that did help, but it wasn't enough. I had to have my shows! So I began looking for other options, reality check I couldn't give up my cable after all. I was going crazy! My kids ran squealing around the house all the time now. I needed at least one or two shows that they could watch in the evening so I could think. I couldn't pay as much as I was but there had to be a cheaper option; Well, I was right.
You have to see what I found.
There are several different free online services, with these you can watch various episodes of your shows but I wanted to have access to all the shows like a real television.
The websites to some free sites confused me so I kept looking. It didn't seem to have all the channels and was not easy to get through. I considered some unknown cable sites.
I was skeptical since I'd not heard much about them. I didn't want to reconnect the cable with a different carrier and have to deal with billing or technical problems all the time. No not an option for me.
I needed something with very little technical skill required to operate. My old cable company was terrible I was angry with their lack of support anytime I had a concern. Without fail when I called I ended up on hold forever and working with someone who was just as confused as I was!
Amazingly I found that I could get all the channels I wanted with an online cable option and keep my cost to a minimum.
I was so glad that we had two computers, so the kids could watch their shows, and I could watch mine at the same time.
The best news, I had access to a lot more channels including popular ones like HBO, Stars, and the BBC.
So if you are just looking for a hassle free cable experience, check out the online cable option. The benefits are amazing.
• more channels
• No hardware
• or Additional memory card
• No subscription, no reoccurring billing.
• Spending less money
Love it!!

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Sophie Maddox

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