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Get Money For Medical Care Even If You Don't Have Any

Author: Sophie Maddox

Do you remember when you were a kid not having to worry about paying to go see the doctor? Your biggest concern was dreading going to the doctor.

Well now you're all grown up and not only is your concern going to the doctor and what they'll tell you, but you also have to worry about the medical bills. I'd say not to worry, but that isn't always feasible. That just might feel like the impossible.

But what I will tell you is that after reading this article you'll feel confident that you have options for getting medical care even without money.

There is a huge debate on health care going on and I like many are sitting on the edge of my seat for some of the news reports so that we know which way our health coverage will be going.

But the thing that I've noticed is that there's not as much information out there about the various benefits out there to let us know that there are places you can look to find money even when you're uninsured. This is a secret that is well guarded; you can get money even if you don't have insurance.

A bit about me:

I spent time in Health Insurance for several years, working as anything from an underwriter's assistant to an Agent, and I've even helped clients get their claims paid. The information available is challenging to understand unless you know where to look.

1. The first place I'd start if you don't have any insurance or money for coverage is with an application to Medicare, or Medicaid this will be very helpful for both you and your family,

2. The second place I'd look for funding options would be the State you live in

3. Talk to those who govern your county, ask how they help families to take care of their health care bills.

These are a few places to start looking for funds to cover your medical expenses when you don't have a plan in place from perhaps your work or etc.

The critical thing is that you make a plan, if you are in a situation where you know you will need money for medical expenses I'd contact each of these and find out what your options are.

If you think it may be a possibility that you'd need coverage for medical expenses, perhaps you've received a notice that there is a pending layoff that you could be included in. I'd begin planning, look at your budget can you afford a program like COBRA even without your job? Contact your health insurance and request information about how to set this up.

If you know this is not a possibility then contact Medicare, your state and county so that you have everything in place if it turns out that you are laid off.

These few tips are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many other resources that you can pool from to get the money you need. This includes non-profit organizations which are willing to help you cover medical, expenses even if you've already had a trip to the Emergency Room.

Check out how you can get this money to cover · Emergency care · Ongoing care · Eyes · Dental · Cancer and much more

This is a must have resource for anyone needing money for medical care. Or if you are just looking to get more insurance, i.e. perhaps you just had your coverage reduced so that your company could keep your position. If so don't wait another minute come see where you can get the coverage you need. http://www.crwenterprise.com/insure
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