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Ladies, Learn How to Always Get What You Want - Even From a Car Salesman

Author: Sophie Maddox

Imagine sitting across the table from someone who is looking to get you to commit to something, and you're not sure if you should take the offer or not; but you're enjoying having the upper hand in the process. The little crazy dude sitting across the table from you had gone down the list of sales tactics to use on you so you'll take what he's offering you. Little does he know that you see right through all of these various 'techniques' but you are about to be the one getting what you want. You'll even use some of his own techniques on him, and complain a little to get exactly what you want.

This is one thing many of us dread! I know that I did for a long time. There is a stigma attached with purchasing a car especially for us women. If you don't have someone who works with you and teaches you now to negotiate then this can be a very intimidating task, especially if you don't have or don't want to take a male with you.

Funny Little Side Note, my first car I took a guy with me and ended up with a lemon. Let me tell you just how fun it was to have to remove or replace about 12 fuses from underneath the searing wheel every time wanted my lights to turn off or on. Yes, that does mean that I was upside down looking at the steering column with a little paper diagram telling me where all of the various fuses went.

Oh, but are you ready for this? The best part was that it was between November and January in Chicago. If you're from Chicago, know someone who is, or have lived through a Chicago winter you know just how very brutally cold 40 degrees below zero is with the wind taking every ounce of sanity out of you each time you brave the weather to venture out. So I know you can imagine just how I felt, being outside after cleaning off the thirty pounds of snow from the outside of my car, only to then have to pry my numb fingers off the shovel pull them out of my gloves and shakily grab tiny fuses and put the puzzle together lying on my back praying that my hair and coat didn't pick up any mud or dirty snow to complement my sweater. Ah, funny but painful memories.

So let's make sure you avoid this situation.

Okay open up a word document, or grab a pen whatever your preference is and take these tips down.

See through the smoke and Mirrors

1. The Deal of a lifetime - In my experience, most places I've looked for a car has the current "deal of a life time" going on, it magically appeared the moment I walked through the door, so keep this in mind.
2. Guilt: One of my favorite tactics to recognize, obviously it's abused quite a bit, if you start to feel guilty in response to a reservation you expressed you can be sure he's using guilt and probably pulling in the next tactic which goes hand in hand with guilt, pressure.
3. Pressure, don't you hate being on the receiving end of being pressured? Who wants to drive off the lot happy that you have a car but, feelings of reservation and guilt that kind of ruins the whole flow.
4. Under cutting the price, some call it Low-balling A tactic that works with the last two giving him 'validity' in what he's telling you. For example he tells you the sale could be over at any moment, so you begin quickly filling out the paperwork while he runs off to 'put things in order' and comes back only to tell you the sale ended or that something else happened that you'll be paying a higher price now. Really?

Alright now that we've analyzed some of his tactics, are you ready to flip the script on him? Okay are you ready? We're going to use sales tactics also but this time it's to your advantage. Some of the ones he's used on you won't work, but there are others that will work. I'm not sure if you can offer him a deal of a life time, (smile).

1. Use Guilt on him, complain. Tell him he's pressuring you, and you are uncomfortable with it. This will typically not only take him off guard, but he'll start to feel like he's the one being pressured.
2. The take away tactic - you're even going to tell him that you recognize the tactics he's using. Run down the list, thank him for his time, complain about the lowball tactic, let him know that as a, woman, this is a bit insulting.
3. Add pressure, let him know that you are seriously considering other offers, one that you are serious about that will match their offer. Now this next part is critical, you must...
4. Stand gather your things turn your back to him and begin leaving.

If he's a good sales rep he'll do his best to get you back, profusely apologizing for insulting you and he'll look to give you exactly what you want.

But, only stop if you know this is the best deal you know you'll get.

Vitally important: My number one rule of thumb is to always have a plan B. Make sure you have information on a competitor who is willing to match or beat the deal he is offering. With a good back up plan you'll always get what you want

Guess What? These effective powerful tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Pause for just a moment and think where else would you like to get what you want?

- Would you like to tell your boss a few things, want to know how to do it without conflict?
- Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like a door mat?
- Did you receive a bill you swear you don't owe? If you answered yes to any of these or even came up with your own scenario then this book is for you. There are so many other ways you can complain, and not whine to get what you want.

Become a smashing success at turning a situation around in your favor. See how, or learn more free tips here. http://www.crwenterprise.com/getwhatyouwant.
Become a smashing success at turning a situation around in your favor. See how, or learn more free tips here. http://www.crwenterprise.com/getwhatyouwant.
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