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Bartending Equipment And Tools

Author: Sebastian Tombs

It would be a major calamity to have someone want a bottle of beer and the establishment was missing a bottle opener. At home or in a business, there are essential bartending tools that are required in all circumstances.

1. Can Opener – Used for opening tins of fruit and syrup.

2. Corkscrew - For opening wine and champagne bottles.

3. Cloths - Essential for wiping surfaces and equipment. These should be damp and not wet.

4. Cutting Board - Required for slicing fruit and other garnishes – should be heavy and laminated.

5. Bar Towels - These are 100% cotton and have sewn edges for durability. Use these along with cloths to keep things clean. Make good use of times where you have no guests to clean bottles and wipe surfaces.

6. Bottle Opener - Necessary for opening screw top bottles.

7. Bottle Sealers - Useful for keeping liquors and other bottle contents fresh.

8. Cocktail Shaker - A shaker is for blending ingredients in cocktails and mixed drinks. There are many cocktail shakers available. Most get the job done. Select one that’s right for you.

9. Electric Blender - Many cocktails require a blender to blend the ingredients smoothly together. These prove very useful for drinks with fruit pieces or ice cream etc.

10. Grater - Used for grating spices like nutmeg.

11. Ice Bucket - A metal or insulated ice bucket keeps your ice cold and clean.

12. Ice Tongs and Scoops – Necessary for adding ice to drinks without the risk of passing on unwanted germs. Never handle ice with your hands. Do not use glassware as a scoop lest it breaks or chips and leaves dangerous shards in your drinks.

13. Jigger/Shot Glass - Useful as a measurement tool.

14. Juice Squeezer/Extractor - This needed for for getting the most juice out of your fruits. It helps to soak citrus fruit in hot water before squeezing.

15. Bar Spoon - A bar spoon has a long handle and a muddler end that will allow you to mix and measure ingredients as well as crush garnishes.

16. Measuring Cups - Normally, these should be glass or chrome with incremented measurements imprinted up the side. These are needed for accurate measurement. They usually come with a set of measuring spoons which are need for some smaller quantities.

17. Mixing Glass - A mixing glass is useful for long drinks where it is required for mixing ingredients without shaking.

18. Sharp Knife - Necessary for cutting fruit and garnishes.

19. Strainer - This removes the ice and fruit pulp from juices. This often comes with a cocktail shaker.

20. Glasses and Containers - There are many types of glassware of a variety of shapes and sizes all serving their own purpose. Discerning which drinks belong to which glass is helpful to both you and your customers. They presented with a higher quality drink which in turn reflects back on you and your profession.

Ensure all glasses is cleaned spotless prior to serving it to your customers. Wash glasses with warm water and a small amount of detergent, but not soap. Rinse them afterwards with fresh, cold water and polish them with a suitable cloth.

Hold glasses by the base or stem of the glass to avoid marks.

21. A Sense Of Humour And a Great Attitude. – A bartender’s personality creates the ambiance and sets the tone in a establishment. Someone who is professional and gets on with all types of people will make a successful bartender that will attract new customers and keep people coming back.
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