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Bartending For Beginners

Author: Sebastian Tombs

A bartending professional is someone who mixes beverages behind a licensed bar to paying customers. A bartender can also be called a barkeep or a barmaid. bartending professionals are found in bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs and other such places.
The bartender makes and serves drinks, and the majority of drinks a bartender is making contain alcohol, such as beer, wine, liquor, liqueur, coolers and cocktails. They also serve water, juice, pop and other non-alcoholic beverages for patrons who do not wish to drink alcohol such as a designated driver or a non drinker.
As well as make and mix drinks, the bartending professional is also charged with taking payment for drinks (either from patrons, waiters or waitresses), keeping the liquor supplies and glassware stocked, keeping the bar area clean, maintaining enough ice and garnishes on hand and serving food to customers sitting at the bar, if the establishment offers food for sale.
Often, the bartender is expected to dress appropriately to add to the ambience of the establishment. In some bars, the bar tender might participate in flair bartending, which contributes to the entertainment in the bar.
bartending professionals are expected to be able to make hundreds of types of drinks to please any paying patron in a quick, accurate and non-wasteful fashion. In some establishments, such as a busy nightclub, the bartending professional is only expected to mix the patron a drink and nothing else. In a smaller place such as a tavern however, the bartender might be expected to be a good listener, and allow the customers to have a shoulder to cry on.
All bartenders should be friendly, however, and enjoy having contact and communication with patrons. Good bartenders have a way of attracting regular customers. Good bartending professionals like this will remember the favoured drink of regular patrons; have drink recommendations on hand or recommendations for other bars, as well as several other unofficial duties.
In most countries, tipping is expected of the customer, and this is how the bartender gets the majority of his income, as most bar tenders are paid minimum wage.
In some places, minors are allowed in bars, and it is the bartender’s responsibility to check for identification before serving them alcohol.
If this sounds like a lot of work, with not much reward, look on the bright side. You are working at an establishment that serves gallons of liquor each day, and you are responsible for it. The job of bartender is management, customer service, and so much more! Even a bartending job looks good on a resume when you present it in the proper way!
Before you start to tend bar – whether it’s as a career or in your own home, a good grasp of liquor terms can be a great asset.
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