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Secrets to Train like Ultimate Fighter, Plus Free Bonus Routine

Author: Jasper James

As you read through this article you'll be able to see exactly what it takes to move from good to great. This secret training tip is used by the best in the MMA and UFC.

Plus you'll gaina free routine to compare and contrast with yours.

Tough break; Tom and I'd been friends since grade school. We'd kept in touch off and on but his marriage, work and schoolhaddevouredmost of his time.

He and I'd both been in sports and in various martial arts together. Recently He'd and his wife had gone through a nasty divorce, he'd been so angry and hurt that he'd let his routine slip.

After the breakup one of the changes Tom made was to get back in the gym and train to be in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Turns out the tough break was a great thing for him.

Here's one of the routines he used to get back in competition shape, I'm giving them to you for free.

VitalKey to becoming a success

Must have:

• Power to explode

• Strength to endure

• Training schedule

• Plus the Secret, one final make it or break it skill, see below.

Power to Explode comes from our ability to train our bodies like a finely tuned sports car, all the power in our muscles is pent up energy ready to go.

What does a drill incorporate to give you this?

Push Pressed, Squats, Chest presses, alternated with exploding pushups, high pulls, cleans, Snatches, all varied for each routine.

Strength to Endure:

I know you've watch two fighters in the ring that look similarly matched numerically. But a minute into the first round and its obvious there is a clear difference. One can barely hold up his his hands protecting his face. Often this is from lack of endurance training.

Endurance gives your body the energy to continue to stay revved up, and go all the way through the fight. The best training for this is in circuit training, grappling and various mixed martial arts drills. These consist of a routine that has body weight training, mixed with sprints, punching, plus the clean and Snatch.

Training Schedule: If you are a professional fighter, you'd be able to work out daily with all of the training above. However, most of us still have to work a job along with our training.

Real solution for those of us who work.

Split it all up, each day have your martial arts skill training in the morning, and your lifting at night, this way you'll be able to let your muscles fully recover while you sleep.

Train 3-4 times a week, the only time you'd cut back would be when you are preparing for a fight then go 2-3 times.

I know you're really wondering what the last skill that can make or break the competition.

Secret weapon as promised: It's training for your mind. A weak or strong mentality will be what determines the fight.

Fact: Competing, especially at this level is 90 percent mental. The goal is to make your opponent think as you want him to, this gives you amazing leverage, that's harder to beat than just the physical skill, this is where the great are separated from the good.

"Although most fighters believe that the fight is 90 percent mental and ten percent physical, they train 90 percent physical and ten percent mental. That is going to have to change as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) continues to evolve or those fighters will be left behind." -Randy Couture - Former Ultimate Fight Champion Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion.

Do you have what it takes to train your mind, and body at this level?

Can you visualize yourself in the ring with opponents like Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Anderson "the Spider" Silva? Then you have to have the mindset they have.

Warning: it's not easy, but it is very effective. If you're ready, take a minute and get this training
Renegade Mindset Techniques for fighters.

This guide will mesmerize you with your own ability. http://mma-training-of-the-mind.info

Or if you are looking for more free information check this out.
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