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Making Money Online - Is it Real? And Can I Do It?

Author: Bob Allen

Making money online is not hard, in fact, these days anyone can start their own online business and make quite large sums of money in their spare time. As the saying goes "It's easy when you know how". But there's the rub. How do you go about it? How do the successful people become successful? There are many different ways to make money on-line but what are they and which ones would suit your style best?

There are hundreds of people willing to teach you, for a fee. Some of these people are very good at what they do, and offer excellent training for very reasonable prices but, on the other hand some are just out to fleece you for whatever they can get. A large number of these so called experts or gurus are no more skilled than the average internet user. Most of these people/companies offering training or help you get set up don't disclose the full costs involved until you get involved and become fully committed financially.

Sure, they all offer a full money back guarantee, but how much time are you going to waste trying all the various systems and schemes, and then how can you be sure you have value for money. You can spend a lot of time and money just going round in circles trying to decide which system is best for you and in the end many people just give up saying it is just one big con.

If you believe all the hype about online businesses, you too can make a six figure salary every month in your spare time. Of course many of the people selling these systems or courses on the internet can show you bank balances and PayPal accounts or ClickBank accounts all with very large sums of money going in and out day after day week after week but, How long have they been operating their online business? How long did it take for them to reach that kind of turnover? They make it sound as though you can just quit your day job and enjoy a huge increase in salary right away.

The reality is that many of the "big boys" struggled for a number of years, learning the ropes and building their business slowly. Some started with many of the skills needed from other forms of marketing, off-line.

I am not saying it can't be done. I am not saying it's impossible to be successful doing business on-line but I am saying that for most of us, we have a lot to learn to earn a good living on the internet and we do need time and help to have any hope of success. You would have a far better chance of success with the right training and a good mentor and spend far less time and money in the process.
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