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Can My College Students Make Money Online?

Author: Sophie Maddox

Imagine waving good bye to your kid as they head off to college, questions running

through your mind. My kid will be heading off to college at the end of the

summer. I'm worried about how theycan enjoy college life, do their home work

and hold down a part-time job, all without getting burned out and letting his grades slip. This was not going to be a problem before my husband got laid off, but now I'm afraid my kids will have to pitch in and get a job to help with daily expenses. Perhaps the added responsibility will be helpful but I'm not so sure.

My neighbor down the road has a son in college a year ahead of our kid and I know [he has been doing something on the internet while in school... they even bought a car. So, I headed down the street to ask my

friend how can college student make money online, and can they do it for


• Very Lucrative Online Option- it is possible to make good money online. They

shared that his kid's "used" car actually cost more than our new one! Get this, I didn't know that they purchased it on their own.
Some kind of
sports truck or something; anyway, I asked her what in the

world he was doing to make money and did his mother approve? I just knew it
had something to do with objectionable material like drugs or even gambling.

• Internet Marketing, turns out, they was doing something called Affiliate

Marketing. They showed me how they would find groups of people that had a need

and then they would match them up with someone who could provide a solution.
She never purchased anything to re-sell rather she are an Affiliate for the person who owned the product and his job was to send interested people to his sales page with putting a well written informative article on the internet and getting it posted to popular websites like Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

If someone made a purchase they made a commission.

• It's Huge right now online there are even independent reputable third party companies that handle all the transactions so the people get their

product, the product owner gets their money and the marketer gets their money.

Hetold me that you really have to know what you're doing to be successful, but once you learn

all the details it's like taking candy from a baby. I asked if he would teach

my kids how to do it and of course while my husband is out of work I'd love t

be able to pitch in so he is showing me not only how college students can

make money online for free, but mom's with out of work husbands as well.

Summing it all up for AffiliateMarketing:

Affiliate Marketing-This program works with online products, a lot of things are of course sold online now and the demand for these are typically high.

This includes anything from computers, and clothes to kitchen appliances and e-Books or other products which can be downloaded (digital Products).

Locate the best products and drive qualified, highly motivated buyers to the sales page. At this point the product owner takes control and completes the sale.

Then of course you get the big check, which is typically between 50-75% of the price, and repeat the process as many times as you can.
NO Funds... you don't need any Start up Money, other than perhaps a How-To-Guide
NO Experienceneeded...

. Can you use the Internet? Then you can learn

everything else.

Online work a FACT in your life I CANNOT help you with these, but they are extremely vital.

INTEREST and MOTIVATION, you have to WANT to make

this work. These Equal DESIRE. LOOK INSIDE...

THIS IS ALL UP TO YOU, you have to want it no one

can do that for you. Now let me clarify it does

take work, but it is SO DOABLE! If you are like

me then you have questions, Where do I learn

about a digital product I might be interested in?

How do I get paid for this? Where is the proof? I'

m so glad you asked, take a quick minute and come

with me. I'll show you. take a look at this

You Tube Video

for more information. No Experience, or Website

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