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Toros (Torosijn Vagarshak)'s Masterpieces and the Development of the Avant-Garde Movement

Author: Benjamin Gray

Concerning the attributes and included elements brought to life in their canvases, the "high modernists," or Avant-Garde artists in the early part of the last century, deliberately tried to continue activity where the visionaries of the end of the nineteenth century stalled. The early focus of this group was to emphasize complete originality over staunch conformity and unfettered imagery over painstaking representation. The artist deliberately tried to get the audience to reflect upon their own lives, in all aspects. It was the beginning of a new time, and the artists of the Avant-Garde believed this called for the creation of fresh, new,unique, inventive values as well. They felt that the strongest element to change was in creative expression itself, and they sought to challenge viewers of their art to reflect upon the way they think and view the world as a whole.
While there were a few painters that are considered included in the Avant-Garde movement that decided to continue using realism to convey their new contemporary beliefs and viewpoints, most painters started at this time to emphasize abstract subjectivity instead. They started using bright, bold hues big, abstract shapes to tell of what the subject matter felt like as opposed to depicting a replica of the object. Instead of attempting to paint with the appearance of 3D many painters chose and raved over a preference for a flatness of figures on canvas. As the tools of both work and analysis have progressed, artistic replication has become more of a combination of emotions and occurrences as opposed to a struggle with painting the subject with realism.
Toros, born Torosijn Vagarshak, is a perfect example of a contemporary painter working today who embodies the intended essence of the Avant-Garde movement creative movement. By destroying the form s into esoteric basic shapes and bringing the image back to life through the brilliant and sometimes mischievous application of colors the painters brings his subjects to life. Most observers of his works will instantly associate the subjects portrayed with childhood, magic, and creativity - his art shows the necessity of dosing reality with a healthy dose of imagination and youthful awe. One of the foremost things about Vagarshak Torosijn's paintings is that they force self-analysis of the viewer; they ask that the observer explores their own imaginative urges.
Through the efforts of imaginative and innovative artists like Toros, the values born in and represented by the original soul of the Avant-Garde movement remain alive and well, and they still defy us all to think outside the box, get in touch with what’s really important in life, and formulate more colorful, vibrant lives of our own.

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