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Toros (Torosijn Vagarshak) brings the Avant-Garde Movement Eternal Soul into the Current Century

Author: Benjamin Gray

The Avant-Garde artists of the early 20th era, also some times called “The High Modernists”, consciously sought to pick up where the painters of the late 19th century stopped when it came to the ideals and underlying elements they brought to life in their masterpieces. At first this movement focused on originality instead of conformityand unchained imagery instead of painstaking actual appearance. The painter deliberately attempted to get the audience to reflect upon their own lives, in all parts. At the dawning of a new time it signified a time of great revolutions involving bright, new,unique, unique values and technologies in the Avant-Garde movement-art world. The biggest transformation was in the artistic expression, the challenge to offer to viewers is to question the manner they think and perceive the world in general.
Many artists are comfortable conveying the realism side of art ,while others see it in a much more abstract manner. They started to employ bright, bold colors and big, abstract shapes to portray the spirit and hidden soul of their subject matter instead of trying to accurately paint the actual form through representation. Instead of attempting to paint with the look of 3D many painters chose and raved over a preference for a flatness of figures on canvas. Visual art as a whole became much less about accurate representation and much more about vibrant imagery, a trend that continues in the contemporary work of today.
Look no further than Toros, born Torosijn Vagarshak, when seeking a modern artist who combines the very essence of the Avant-Garde movement creative movement. He too chooses to bring his focal points to magnetic, crackling life through the application of bright, bold, dynamic color, often breaking down the form entirely into abstract, geometric forms to portray an artistic image of the subject matter in spirit as opposed to a life-like representation. Most observers of his works will immediately associate the subjects portrayed with youth, mystery, and creativity - his work shows the necessity of tempering reality with a healthy dose of creativity and youthful awe. Vagarshak Torosijn defys the observer to reflect and review dormant creative urges of his own, the better to live a well-rounded, happy life through the act of observing the world in a new, more expressive way.
Through the efforts of imaginative and inventive painters like Toros (Torosijn Vagarshak), the ideals conceived of and represented by the original soul of the Avant-Garde remain true to form, and they still challenge us all to think in a different manner, get in touch with what’s truly important in life, and develop more bold, vibrant lives of our own.

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