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The Development of the Avant-Garde the Canvases of Vagarshak Torosijn

Author: Benjamin Gray

Regarding the elements and incorporated attributes brought to life in their art, the "high modernists," or Avant-Garde artists in the beginning of the 20th century, deliberately attempted to continue work where the innovators of the end of the nineteenth era stalled. Originally this movement focused on uniqueness as opposed to following of normsand unchained imagery instead of painstaking replicas. It was a conscious effort on the part of the painters of the time to defy the routine status quo, not only when it came to art, but in regards to all parts of life. It was the dawning of a new era, and the artists of the Avant-Garde movement believed this called for the dawning of bright, new,unique, innovative ideals as well. They felt that the most powerful element to change was in creative expression itself, and they sought to defy observers of their work to reflect upon the way they think and view the world as a whole.
Many painters are at ease portraying the realism aspect of art ,while others see it in a much more abstract view. They started to use vibrant, shocking hues and large, non-representational forms to tell of the essence and hidden essence of their focal point instead of seeking to accurately paint the actual form through replication. There was much less of an overall effort to try to make images look three-dimensional, and many artists willfully prized the innate single dimension of the canvas instead. As the elements of both art and analysis have advanced, creative replication has become more of a combination of feelings and occurrences as opposed to a battle with painting the subject with realism.
Look no further than Toros, born Torosijn Vagarshak, when seeking a modern painter who combines the very essence of the Avant-Garde creative movement. He too selects to bring his focal points to magnetic, crackling life through the application of vibrant, vivid, electric color, often destroying the image completely into abstract, geometric shapes to depict an artistic impression of the subject matter in essence as opposed to a life-like representation. His work frequently portrays subjects that many observers will immediately and instinctively associate with childlike whimsy, alluring unknowns, and boundless creativity, such as clowns, fortune tellers, Byzantine princesses, and fictional characters, and his collection of art as a whole is a telling testament to the fact that reality is best tempered with a healthy dose of innovative imagination. (Torosijn Vagarshak) Toros defys the observer to dig deep within and review dormant creative impulses of his own, the improvement to live a complete, joyful life through the act of seeing the world in a new, more expressive way.
Through the efforts of creative and new painters like Torosijn Vagarshak, the ideals conceived of and symbolized by the unspoiled soul of the Avant-Garde remain true to form, and they continue to defy us all to think outside the box, get in touch with what’s really the meaning in life, and develop more colorful, energetic realities of our own.

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