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Torosijn Vagarshak's Masterpieces and the Development of the Avant-Garde

Author: Benjamin Gray

Concerning the elements and incorporated elements brought to life in their work, the "high modernists," or Avant-Garde artists in the early part of the 20th century, purposely tried to resume activity where the visionaries of the end of the 19th century stalled. The initial purpose of this group was to stress pure originality over rigid conformity and unchained imagery over meticulous replicas. It was a conscious attempt on the part of the painters of the era to challenge the routine consensus, not only when it came to art, but regarding all aspects of life. At the beginning of a new era it signified a time of great revolutions involving bright, new,unique, creative ideals and technologies in the Avant-Garde-art world. The biggest transformation was in the artistic expression, the defy to pose to viewers is to question the manner they think and view the world in general.
Many painters are comfortable portraying the realism aspect of art ,while others observe it in a much more abstract view. They began using vibrant, bold hues big, abstract forms to show what the focal point felt like as opposed to depicting the existing object as it actually appeared. Instead of trying to paint with the look of three-dimensions many painters chose and raved over a preference for a flatness of forms on canvas. As the tools of both art and review have advanced, artistic replication has become more of a juxtaposition of emotions and phenomena as opposed to a struggle with painting the subject with accuracy.
Look no further than Toros, born Torosijn Vagarshak, when seeking a contemporary painter who combines the very essence of the Avant-Garde creative movement. By destroying the image s into obscure basic shapes and bringing the image back to life through the brilliant and sometimes cheeky use of colors the artists brings his subjects to life. His art often depicts subjects that many observers will instantly and instinctively correlate with youthful fancy, alluring mystery, and limitless imagination, such as clowns, fortune tellers, Byzantine princesses, and fictional characters, and his body of art as a whole is a poignant witness to the fact that reality is best toned down with a healthy dose of new imagination. Vagarshak Torosijn defys the observer to dig deep within and review dormant creative urges of his own, the better to live a complete, happy life through the act of observing the world in a new, more expressive way.
Through the labors of creative and inventive painters like (Torosijn Vagarshak) Toros, the ideals conceived of and symbolized by the unspoiled spirit of the Avant-Garde remain true to form, and they continue to defy us all to think in a different manner, get in touch with what’s truly important in life, and develop more colorful, energetic lives of our own.

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