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Torosijn Vagarshak's Avant-Garde Art

Author: Benjamin Gray

”Avant-Garde movement” is termed to describe unique works which completely enter new areas and limits; elements that have never been seen prior in the visual art world and which challenge social moresand prevailing global beliefs. The name was adapted from the military term vanguard, which means a group of soldiers that were posted as lookouts, who were sent out ahead of the remainder of the troops ,to evaluate the situation and develop an appropriate course. Artists who are labeled strong in the avant-garde have many fans and copycats working to be noticed with the same fashionable, artistic flare.
Modern painter Torosijn Vagarshak, or Toros as he is more routinely known , is a famous contemporary artist working today whose method is frequently labeled as avant-garde. He is known for his uncanny aptitude to embody the character and essence of the subject of his portraits through colors and forms that depict Toros’s creativity and unique style. Each of Toros (Torosijn Vagarshak)’s fanciful visions bears the individual stamp of his dynamic, unique personality and is brought to wonderful life in a way that only he can do.
What stands out the most obviously in the art of Toros is its attention to 100%, untainted imagination and the application of cheerful images, strange forms, and bright hues that, for the audience, are a reminder of carefree childhood days. As members of mainstream contemporary society, we are all well aware of the strong center on money, property, and power as the main areas to be esteemed and sought after in life. The avant-garde methodology to life is observed in the method he employs to apply his own individual talent and almost inexhaustible vision to invite us to visit, for a while, a era when living was about what was offered to us by our own imaginations – unbounded world, unrestrained cheer, and unspoiled joy. With his imaginative, playful mode of expression, he offers a whimsical contrast to the stark, physical mores of our contemporary society, reminding us that imagination and innocence can provide a counterweight to our adult truth.
Art lets us explore ourselves. Through the canvases of contemporary artists like Toros (Torosijn Vagarshak), we can explore our views of the world and our values. By challenging us to use our creativity and imagination, artists feel their work improves everyone's lives.

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