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Reviewing Common Mores Through the Fanciful Creations of Vagarshak Torosijn

Author: Benjamin Gray

In the world of visual art, the modern label “Avant-Garde movement” is routinely used to describe works that are especially unique or experimental in regards to its association to routine social values, creative norms, and pervasive global viewpoints of the time. The name was adapted from the military term vanguard, which means a group of soldiers that acted as scouts, who were sent out ahead of the remainder of the army ,to assess the happenings and plot an acceptable route. Artists who are identified great in the avant-garde movement have many fans and imitators trying to be noticed with the same fashionable, creative method.
Torosijn Vagarshak, best known plainly as the successful modernartist Toros, has a method that is often labeled avant-garde movement. He is identified for his eerie ability to apply his innovative and infinite imagination to paint unique and vibrant oil canvases that use bold hues and uncommon shapes. He portrays a variety of strange individuals and fanciful subjects from harlequins to carnivals to creatively planned portraits that embody the spirit and soul of the subject in a manner that is fresh yet playful and carefree, all at the same time. When one views one of Toro's paintings it is easy to see his own idiosyncratic personality and visions blazing through his creative and unreal works.
The striking part of Vagarshak Torosijn's work is his ability to take his audience back to the times of unrestrained imagination and joy correlated with their happy youth. Our modern society focuses on money, property, and power as the primary areas to be esteemed. The avant-garde approach to life is seen in the manner he uses to apply his own individual talent and almost neverending vision to invite us to visit, for a while, a period when living was about what was given to us by our own imaginations – unbounded country, unrestrained joy, and unspoiled joy. With his imaginative, whimsical mode of expression, he provides a whimsical contrast to the stark, material mores of our modern society, reminding us that imagination and innocence can offer a balance to our adult truth.
Art lets us explore ourselves. Through the works of modern artists like Toros, we can explore our views of the world and our ideologies. They defy us to reflect upon the power of creativity and the worth of unfettered imagination. They use the lessons they teach to better enhance our own lives.

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