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A Look at Vagarshak Torosijn and Freedom of Imagery

Author: Benjamin Gray

In the world of visual art, the modern term “Avant-Garde movement” is routinely used to identify works that are especially unique or investigational in regards to its relationship to commonly accepted societal values, creative norms, and general global viewpoints of the time. The label obtains its name from the military section of the vanguard, which refers a small section of soldiers whose post it was to venture out ahead of the main body of the allied army, assess the situation at hand, and develop an acceptable route for the remainder of the army to follow. Painters who are considered great in the avant-garde movement have many followers and imitators working to be identified with the same stylish, creative flare.
Torosijn Vagarshak, best identified simply as the successful modernpainter Toros, has a style that is often labeled avant-garde. He is identified for his uncanny ability to put his innovative and infinite imagination to paint unique and vibrant oil paintings that use vivid colors and unusual shapes. He portrays a variety of curious characters and fantastic subjects from harlequins to carnivals to creatively executed portraits that capture the character and soul of the subject in a way that is fresh yet playful and carefree, all at once. When one views one of Toro's canvases it is obvious to see his own idiosyncratic personality and visions blazing through his unique and surreal paintings.
What stands out the most obviously in the art of Toros is its attention to pure, unadulterated creativity and the application of happy scenes, strange forms, and vivid colors that, for the audience, are reminiscent of untroubled childhood times. As members of acceptable contemporary society, we are all very aware of the strong center on money, acquisitions, and power as the primary areas to be esteemed and searched for in life. We discern the influence of the avant-garde movement ideology in the way Torosijn Vagarshak uses his own creativity and seemingly limitless imagination to engage us to return for a second to a era when life was all about innocent joy, boundless happiness, and the unbounded nature offered to us by our own imaginations. He uses his lively, often very whimsical mode of expression to present these beliefs to us as realistic choices to the cold, physical values of mainstream society today, showing us that maybe we had it figured out the first time when we were still young children and defying us to liberate ourselves from custom by getting back in touch with our own creativity, joining what we find there with our developed grown-up truth.
Through the masterpieces of modern artists like Toros (Torosijn Vagarshak), we are able to question ourselves in regards to our own world beliefs and ideologies. They defy us to think about the power of imagination and the value of unadulterated imagination. They employ the lessons they send to better improve our own lives.

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