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Vagarshak Torosijn's Avant-Garde Art

Author: Benjamin Gray

”Avant-Garde movement” is termed to identify unique works which completely enter new grounds and limits; things that have never been seen before in the visual art world and which challenge societal valuesand generally accepted global views. The term gets its name from the armed forces unit of the vanguard, which references a little grouping of soldiers whose job it was to venture out ahead of the main body of the allied army, assess the happenings at hand, and determine an acceptable course for the rest of the army to follow. Artists who are labeled strong in the avant-garde movement have many followers and imitators trying to be identified with the same stylish, artistic flare.
Torosijn Vagarshak, best known plainly as the famous contemporaryartist Toros, has a manner that is frequently referred to avant-garde movement. He is known for his uncanny ability to embody the character and essence of the subject of his portraits through colors and shapes that depict Toros’s creativity and unique style. When one views one of Toro's canvases it is obvious to see his own idiosyncratic personality and visions blazing through his creative and surreal paintings.
The brilliant part of Toros (Torosijn Vagarshak)'s work is his aptitude to take his viewers back to the days of limitless imagination and beauty correlated with their carefree youth. As members of mainstream contemporary society, we are all well aware of the strong center on money, property, and social status as the main areas to be esteemed and sought after in life. We see the influence of the avant-garde movement view in the way Torosijn Vagarshak uses his own creativity and apparent limitless imagination to engage us to return for a moment to a time when life was all about innocent joy, unrestrained joy, and the unbounded country presented to us by our own imaginations. With his creative, whimsical manner of expression, he offers a whimsical contrast to the indifferent, physical values of our modern society, reminding us that imagination and innocence can offer a counterweight to our mature truth.
Through the canvases of modern artists like Vagarshak Torosijn, we are able to analyze ourselves regarding our personal global views and ideologies. By defying us to use our creativity and imagination, painters feel their work betters everyone's lives.

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