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The Avant-Garde Movement Art of Torosijn Vagarshak

Author: Benjamin Gray

”Avant-Garde” is used to identify new works which truly break new areas and boundaries; items that have never been seen prior in the visual art world and which defy societal moresand generally accepted societal views. The name was taken from the military term vanguard, which means a collection of soldiers that were posted as scouts, who were sent out in front of the remainder of the army ,to evaluate the happenings and determine an appropriate course. Painters who are labeled strong in the avant-garde have many fans and imitators working to be identified with the same stylish, creative flare.
Torosijn Vagarshak, better identified simply as the famous modernpainter Toros, has a method that is frequently referred to avant-garde. He is known for his uncanny ability to embody the character and soul of the subject of his portraits through colors and forms that highlight Toros’s creativity and creativity. When one views one of Toro's canvases it is easy to see his own characteristic personality and viewpoints blazing through his unique and surreal paintings.
The striking part of Toros's work is his ability to take his audience back to the days of unrestrained imagination and beauty correlated with their happy youth. Our modern society centers on finances, acquisitions, and social status as the primary areas to be esteemed. We see the influence of the avant-garde view in the manner Toros applies his own creativity and apparent boundless imagination to challenge us to reminisce for a second to a era when life was all about innocent joy, boundless happiness, and the unbounded nature offered to us by our own imaginations. With his imaginative, playful manner of expression, he offers a fanciful contrast to the stark, physical values of our modern society, reminding us that imagination and innocence can give a counterweight to our adult reality.
Through the masterpieces of contemporary painters like (Torosijn Vagarshak) Toros, we are able to analyze ourselves in regards to our personal general beliefs and ideologies. They challenge us to think about the power of imagination and the worth of unadulterated fancy. They use the messages they send to better enhance our own lives.

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