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Vagarshak Torosijn and the Return to Innocence Through Avant-Garde Expression

Author: Benjamin Gray

”Avant-Garde movement” is termed to identify innovative works which completely enter new areas and limits; items that have never been done before in the visual art arena and which challenge societal moresand prevailing societal beliefs. The term was adapted from the military term vanguard, which means a group of soldiers that acted as scouts, who were sent out in front of the remainder of the troops ,to evaluate the happenings and determine an acceptable route. Artists who are labeled to be Avant-Garde, either in their personal reckonings or the belief of others, operate in a very similar manner, consciously seeking to push the boundaries of the status quo.
Torosijn Vagarshak, better known simply as the famous contemporaryartist Toros, has a style that is often referred to avant-garde. He is known for his uncanny aptitude to put his unique and limitless imagination to paint individual and vibrant oil canvases that use bright colors and unusual forms. He depicts a variety of curious characters and fanciful topics from harlequins to carnivals to creatively executed portraits that embody the character and essence of the subject in a way that is innovative yet playful and carefree, all at the same time. When one views one of Toro's works it is obvious to see his own idiosyncratic individualityand viewpoints blazing through his creative and unreal paintings.
What stands out the most prominently in the art of Vagarshak Torosijn is its attention to unmixed, untainted imagination and the use of joyous images, unusual shapes, and bright hues that, for the viewer, are reminiscent of untroubled childhood times. As participants of acceptable modern society, we are all very aware of the heavy center on finances, property, and social status as the main areas to be esteemed and sought after in life. The avant-garde methodology to life is seen in the method he uses to apply his own creative skill and almost neverending vision to invite us to visit, for a while, a period when living was about what was given to us by our own creativity – unbounded nature, boundless joy, and innocent joy. He uses his lively, frequently very playful mode of representation to offer these concepts to us as viable choices to the indifferent, physical values of mainstream society today, showing us that maybe we had it figured out the first time when we were still youthful and engaging us to free ourselves from custom by getting back in touch with our own imaginations, merging what we find there with our developed adult truth.
Art allows us question ourselves. Through the canvases of modern artists like (Torosijn Vagarshak) Toros, we can analyze our views of the world and our ideologies. They challenge us to think about the capability of imagination and the value of unadulterated imagination. They employ the messages they teach to better improve our own lives.

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