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A view about PPR Fittings Types

Author: Sakkthi Polymers

A view about PPR Fittings Types
Dec 05, 2013 By : Sakkthi Polymers
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Usually a plumber needs various kinds of plumbing products; among them one of the major products is Elbow. These are main and necessary things to maintain water flow direction and its manner. Some can change water direction, some can split them as two or three ways, some can reduce its flow width, some can gather all streams into one and so on. We are popularized in PPR Fittings manufacturing works. We produce more than 30 Fitting items regularly. It may be in various sizes and colors. We widely manufacture Green and blue in most common. Among these fittings items End Cap, Coupler, Elbow, Reducer and Union are very popular.

Coupler is most common product. It is used to connect any two pipes together; In this case sizes of pipes may vary; instead of that reducers are used. Elbow is used to change the direction of flow. Generally it is available in 90° and 45°; these all are available in sizes from 20mm to 160mm; there is one other type, reducer elbow is also available within us. We manufactured them from sizes 25*20mm to 50*25mm. Reducer is used to connect two pipes basically which are not in same size. It can also reduce the flow width.

We produced them from 25*20mm to 160*90mm. Tee is also one of the important items. It is used to combine any two flows or split any two flows. It is look like “T”. It has one inlet and two outlets. There are two major types available in this category. They are Equal and Non Equal. When branch pipe size is same with header pipes Equal tee is used. If branch pipe size is lesser than header pipe size non equal tee is used. It is also available in 20mm to 160mm size. Cross tee is also known as four way tee. There is one inlet and 3 outlets. It is available in 20mm to 40mm sizes. End Cap is used to cover the pipe end. It is used like as a plug. But Plug is screwed on pipes. End cap is needed to attach.

Plug is available in two types. One is usual plug and the other one is long pipe plug. Both types of Plugs are available in ½”, ¾” and 1”. Union is also similar to coupler. It is allow us easy to connect or disconnect pipes in future. We produce this from 20mm to 63mm. In these items Elbow, Coupler, Union is available with brass. It is widely used in our global market. It is known as Threaded Elbow, Threaded Coupler and Threaded Union. There are also two types available. If brass part will be in inside elbow it is known as Female Thread Elbow. If it will be in outside elbow it is known as Male Thread Elbow. Coupler and Union is also as same as above. If brass part will be outside union it is known as Metal Union. If brass part will be inside tee, it is known as female thread tee. These are commonly available in 20*1/2” to 50*1 ½” generally. We also produce Weld Saddle. It has two types generally. They are Weld Saddle Plain and Weld Saddle Female Thread. Plain weld saddle will be attached on pipes. Female thread weld saddle is used by screw type on pipes. Our fittings products are very flexible to work with UPVC or PVC pipes too, because it is designed that much flexible. Our customers very satisfied with our products due its flexibility, its non corrosion ability, its cost, its time saving ability, its easy installation ability and so on.

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