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How to Make Millions Playing Video Poker

Author: Eddy Fox

A lot of people will tell you that the only way to go out of a new casino a new Millionaire is to walk in a Billionaire, but the fact is this is simply not the truth. It really is only the easiest way to accomplish it.

In case you are the sort of individual who isn't afraid to risk it all for thé big payoff thén this can be for you.

Video poker machines can be found in every internet casino both land based and on the web casinos. These devices have the best chances of causing you to a millionaire in any casino.

All you need is a credit card with at least $20,000 and the nerve to risk it, in so what can be less 20 minutes then. I recommend saving up $20,000 dollars before trying this and not running up your credit card just, however when I tried it I did just run up my card very first.

The game you select is essential. There are many different forms of poker games offered in video form, in some of them you play some type of computer player and the player with the very best hand wins, in the next there is absolutely no other participant, the higher the hands you create the more the machine pays out. A pair pays 1:1; two pairs pay 2:1 and so on. The 2nd type of Video Poker machine is the one you need.

Please remember that this is not a guaranteed way to win money, and if you do not win money you can find yourself twenty thousand bucks in debt, nonetheless it has made me personally a complete lot of cash, in the last 2 years I have paid all the expenses taking part in poker in this manner.

I start with at least 20 usually,000 dollars, and building $1,000 dollar bets prior to the $20,000 is gone I have had at the very least 1 great hand where I've at the very least made back my cash and may now start choosing the a lot of money.

Do not boost your bets to even more then $1,000 until you have made at the very least $100,000.

I discovered this method almost 24 months ago first; I was investing my weekends dówn in Atlantic Town playing poker, blackjack and roulette, rather than winning hardly any money, but through the week I'd play a free of charge video poker video game from home, and I was winning millions of dollars every full 7 days.

So 1 day I decided to test it out for and rather than spending my cash at the table video games I went right to the movie poker game, and by the end of the weekend break I was up nearly $60,000.

Now every couple of months I go down to either Atlantic City or Las Vegas, I've a bank roIl of $20,000 and I create a few hundred thousand to get me till next time.

Remember you can find zero guarantees that will work for you. There have been periods where I went over my $20,000 bank roll before I got my first good hand really, but I also remember one period I got a complete home which paid $25,000 on my first hands.

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