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Misunderstood Facts About Protein Supplements

Author: Rita Bennett

When it comes to protein supplements, there are always two camps. One group would be filled with bodybuilders who advocate the effectiveness of the said supplements. You need to just look at them and see that they are speaking the truth. The other camp claims that you do not need supplements at all as you can get the necessary protein from just eating your daily meals. While there are fewer bodybuilders in the second group, most of the anti-supplement proponents are dieticians and nutritionists if not doctors.

So which of them should you believe? The short answer is that bodybuilder camp is correct, but the doctor camp isn't that far from the truth either. Doctors would say that a piece of chicken breast is enough for your protein needs. This is a known fact. But to say that protein supplements are just scams and not really necessary is a huge misconception. Yes, protein supplements are not really necessary but they are far from scams. Also, they are called "supplements" for a reason: that they add something to an already existing amount.

Bodybuilders often need more protein than the amount found in a chicken breast. To do so, they have to eat more pieces of chicken to get that extra protein. They take more calories in the process. So instead of exercising more to take advantage of the extra protein, you may have to do even more reps just to burn off those extra calories.

This is the reason bodybuilders use supplements. They get the protein that they need without the calorie baggage.

Does this mean that the doctors were in the wrong while the bodybuilders are in the right? No, not necessarily. The doctors are right, but their information is presented in a way that makes the reader think something else. For instance, the doctors would say that protein sources from daily meals are more than enough. The readers would then read this information as a shot fired on the supplement industry.

If you are building mass for competition purposes and you have a deadline, the fact is you'll need supplements. It's worth noting that you need to work out more if you're taking supplements. Otherwise, you won't get the results you're expecting. Correct usage is extremely important for effectiveness, so before you search for best protein bars or other supplements you have to know how to do so. Whether or not you take supplements, consult your physician to guarantee the best results in your quest for better fitness.

As you search for best protein bars or powder, buy them armed with the knowledge of what they actually do and that they are by no means magic pills.

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