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Kitchen extraction canopies - Independent Specialists

Author: Andrew Sutton

Equipment such as kitchen extraction canopies need to be regularly serviced and cleaned by professionals who know exactly what to look out for and how to keep them in the best condition which allows them to work efficiently. Most modern commercial kitchens have kitchen extraction canopies installed. In order to run a safe and efficient kitchen it is imperative you keep any kitchen equipment clean and in good working order.

At the very worst poorly maintained commercial extraction canopies may lead to a real risk of fire as the extraction canopy becomes coated in contaminates such as grease. At the very least this may lead to poor performance levels and stagnant smells caused by bacteria and decomposing materials lodged in the ductwork. Commercial kitchen extractor fans pull in all kinds of contaminants which over time can cause blockages in coils and filters and pose a threat to the safe working of an extraction unit.

Grease and dirt build-up solely requires heat, which is available in every kitchen, to trigger off a frightening process. A spark or flame is not necessary, as spontaneous combustion can occur, meaning that a dirty extraction system is a fire waiting to happen. Even the best commercial kitchen extraction system can never eliminate all vaporised grease that, together with debris, condenses onto the canopy plenum, duct and fan surfaces.

By working with us you can implement a cleaning programme designed to keep your kitchen extraction canopies and your commercial kitchen extractor fans system in the very best health, thus reducing the risk of breakdown or fire. Greasy residues can and will build up on an extraction canopy as well as on the duct and fan surfaces if they are not removed regularly, making a kitchen vulnerable to fire or dust explosion. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen extraction canopies forms one of the first lines of defence against this potential problem.

Our certificate of cleanliness and report detailing the work carried out can be passed onto your insurance company as proof that terms of your fire insurance policy are being complied with. Once we have carried out a deep clean of the kitchen extraction canopies and the complete extraction system we will present you with a certificate of cleanliness and report detailing the work carried. We can provide you with evidence that any fire risk has been identified and dealt with in line with health and safety regulations.

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