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Mezzanine Floors Leeds – Independent Specialists

Author: Andrew Sutton

You may need to expand your manufacturing area but the office space provision is preventing you from doing this. Businesses looking to expand and save money have used mezzanine floors in Leeds and other towns and cities as an alternative to the expense of a move. Having a mezzanine floor installed would allow you to expand your manufacturing area and move your office space up.

Mezzanine platforms are often located between the ground floor and the floor above, but it is not unusual to have mezzanine floors in the upper floors of a building. A mezzanine platform and the floor below it share the same ceiling. We can help with mezzanine floor design, mezzanine floor construction and mezzanine floor installation. A mezzanine floor often projects itself from the walls and does not completely close the view of the ceiling from the floor immediately below.

Buying direct from us will reduce your costs. There are more options than we can list, which is why a site visit is important. All our raised floors can be fully bespoke with safety barriers, handrails, staircases, up and over pallet gates, cat ladders, partition walling, glazing and column casings. We undertake all production work to give you a raised storage area that meets your exact specification with the consistently high quality of workmanship we demand. We supply single-tier and multi-tier floors.

Your Landlord will probably want to approve the project. You should inform your landlord of any proposed changes. You do need building regulation approval for mezzanine floors in Leeds. We can help advise you through the whole process and provide essential materials such as engineering drawings, calculations, specifications and liaison with your inspector. Typically approvals are turned around in just a few days through an approved inspector scheme. Legislation does however require floors greater than 200 square metres to have planning permission. Building Regulations do not limit the size, shape or height of a new mezzanine floor.

Industrial mezzanine platforms are typically either structural, roll formed, rack-supported, or shelf-supported, allowing high density storage within the mezzanine structure. Mezzanine platforms are frequently used in industrial operations such as warehousing, distribution or manufacturing. These facilities have high ceilings, allowing unused space to be utilised within the vertical cube.

We can incorporate fireproofing that comply with all legislation as required, and we will advise you of any additional measures we think will help further improve safety. We can advise on what kind of fire rating measures are required. These vary depending on the size of the mezzanine floors, the size of the space it is in, the number of people working on it and the general purpose it is used for.

Disruption is inevitable but the amount of disruption depends on your business and the size of the installation. Once we have carried out an initial survey we can easily make an estimate on the schedule and an important part of our installation planning service includes scheduling the installation around your business to limit the disruption as much as possible. You will require a qualified electrician who is authorised to sign off their work for building regulation approval in essentials such as smoke detection and emergency lighting; beyond that our design service ensures we clearly understand your requirements.

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