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Boost your online presence with a blog

Author: Akshat Goel

You might not realize it initially, but blogging is a really powerful platform for increasing your online presence. Think of it: you know a knowledgeable person in your niche who is quite active on social media. You would love to visit his blog to read what he knows and benefit from it. This is what I call "The Blogging Network". Through this network, you benefit by maximising your knowledge in your particular niche and the blogger benefits by earning reputation online.

Through blogging and related activities, you can rapidly go from having a site with few visitors; to a bustling network of traffic that receives visitors from dozens of other sources; and then directs them to various affiliate offers and paid advertisements. Paid advertisements can be in the form of graphics or links (which work on a CPC basis).
Choosing the best blogging platform for your blog
When it comes to generating traffic through blogging, one of the most important decisions you have to make is to choose your blogging platform. Here are the two most famous choices:


This is the platform which many bloggers choose. Its main advantages include its wide variety of plug-ins (including plug-ins that automatically optimize your blog for search engine traffic), its user-friendly interface, and its ease of installation. If you want to start using a WordPress blog, you can probably set one up with a click of a button with your web host. Start by setting up your blog on Wordpress.


Another commonly used platform amongst bloggers is Google’s Blogger. Some benefits of blogger include the following:

1) It is free; no hosting charges.
2) It has a user-friendly user interface

However, the problem with Blogger is that if Google decides to shut down Blogger anyday, all your progress will be lost and you would have nowhere to go with your blog. Another problem with Blogger as of now is that you cannot choose your custom domain name, i.e you have to use the domain name www.example.blogspot.com. Neither can you add plug-ins to your blog.

Choose your blog platform wisely as it will be one of the most important long-term decisions which you are going to take for your blog.
How to start making money from a blog
An important part of having a successful blog is having multiple streams of income. By streams of income, I mean the various sources through which your blog is going to make money. This could be through affiliate marketing, advertising or selling e-books or PLR products.

1.Affiliate Marketing: This is a form of monetisation in which you earn a commission when you successfully refer a customer. For instance, you just finished compiling an e-book and you now plan to sell it on Amazon. When someone signs-up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, promotes your e-book on their blog and successfully manages to complete a transaction, Amazon pays them a commission (generally 5-10% on Amazon and 20-30% elsewhere on the selling price). This does not affect the earnings of the seller. Some popular affiliate programs out there are Clickbank, Commission Junction and JvZoo.

2. Advertising: Basically there are two means of advertising: one is when an advertiser approaches a monetisation network such as Google Adsense and another one is when the advertiser directly approaches the blogger/webmaster to publish the advertisement. The former way of advertising works on a CPC (Cost-per-click) basis and the latter works on a duration basis ( lets say, for 30 days, the advertiser pays you $100). Some alternatives to Google Adsense is Infolinks. One website from where advertisers can directly approach you for advertising is BuySellAds. However, BuySellAds generally only approves publishers whose websites' Alexa Rank is less than 100,000.

3.Selling E-books or PLR products: An effective way of earning substantial income is by selling e-books or PLR products. E-books can be made in Microsoft Word and later compiled as a PDF file. They can be sold on Amazon (for Kindle or PC). Amazon is the largest provider of e-books and hence you should go with Amazon if you want to sell e-books. PLR Products or Private Label Rights Products are products which you do not need to make yourself. They are made by others and you just need to rebrand them under your name. However, you have to pay to buy quality PLR products. These can be later sold on Digiresults or WarriorForums.

So what are you waiting for? Get your word on the web with your blogs, increase your online presence and drive quality web traffic to your blog. Thanks for reading this post. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please feel free to share your views in the comments section below.
Akshat Goel is a blogger and mobile app developer. Follow app marketing and blogging news on Techibiz at http://www.techibiz.com.
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