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What can be done about your flat feet?

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"Flat feet" or fallen arches, is when somebody's arch has crumpled so that the complete sole of the foot has contact with the floor or bottom of the shoe when an individual is walking. The "normal" or ideal foot has a raised arch on the inside of both feet. The right way to measure this is in a weight bearing position.

Roughly 20-30% of the population's arches don't develop absolutely, on either or both feet. Youngsters and infants don't have arches, but as they grow and the foot is exploited more, the arch will form, reinforce and develop. Your feet are designed to adapt. I've seen photo's of a woman that wore ballet type shoes her entire life and her feet became deformed in the form of the shoes. It astounded me that the feet would take on this round shape, and will conform their shape to the shoes you put them in. Wearing shoes like sandals and slippers that offer no arch support can finish up flattening your arches. Flat feet can be due to wearing high heels.

( The Achilles heel shortens and tightens making the ankle not bend correctly and leaves the arch to pick up the slack. ) Having flat feet doesn't reduce running speed, or hamper effectiveness of your feet, but may cause pain. When there's no arch in your foot,the of other parts of your feet have to compensate. This will create pain in the legs or back thanks to the load on the calves. Fallen arches can also lead straight to Plantar Fasciitis, which can happen when the base of the feet stretches too far and begins to tear or becomes inflamed. In a bunch of cases of flat feet, the base of the foot will become stiff. Flat feet have also been associated with pronation, or the foot turning too far inward. The foot naturally makes this movement while walking, however it is assumed to be a sickness when the foot rolls inward too far, throwing your feet out of strike and alignment.

What can be done about your flat feet? Arch supports can supply help with the foot pain linked with low or no arches. Arch supports raise the fallen arch and support the foot in the position it was planned to be in. Your weight is also shared properly across your feet. It's vital to get your arch supports fitted as you stand in a weight bearing position. Most podiatrists measure your feet when you lay down and then they cast your feet. This does not correctly make allowance for your weight bearing position. Only VFAS ( vertical foot alignment system ) is able to correctly measure and correct your position in a weight bearing position. Supports bought over the Net or in a pharmacy don't take under consideration your private foot makeup in a weight bearing position.

Your shoe size isn't your arch size. You can both wear a size nine shoe, but have drastically different desires in arch supports. When you go to the foot alignment hospital, never forget to bring in the shoes you wear the most. You don't have to live with foot, leg and back rigidity! Get back to enjoying those activities you used to love doing.

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