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Burn Fat without effort and safe way

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If you want to lose belly fat quickly without effort, you should eat only what you like, when you like and how you like! This seams to be the ultimate advice, in fashion, to lose weight, diets and body health. But, remember to use some easy tricks which will help you lose belly fat quick in no time.

25 tips to lose belly fat quickly

Drink every day the second cup of coffee, in the middle of the day. Coffee helps digestion and hurry up this process.
Eat only from smaller plates than you used to. Don’t use big plates to bring food on table. Nutritionists say that when you have to take the food and put it in your plate, you take 30% less than your host would put it for you. So, take your own food in a smaller plate.
Remove from your diet juices, soft drinks and energy drinks. These contain sugar, fat and have more calories. Try to include in your habits water, unsweetened green tea or natural juice, freshly squeezed from vegetables and fruits.
Try to summarize in mind what you ate at the last meal. Those who do this exercise tend to eat less than before.
Eat proteins at every meal- whether are from plants or animals. Proteins speed up metabolism and25 tips to lose belly fat quickly help you to eliminate your appetite and bring faster a feeling of fullness.
Eat black bread, with husk. It helps and hurries digestion and eliminates also the risk of colon cancer and some other digestive diseases and cardiovascular ones.
Eat, at least twice a week, fish, especially salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel and trout. Containing fat acids, fish will eliminate the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or hypertension and also help a good functioning of nervous system and at a very good digestion.
Send you daily an e-mail that specifies how important it is to lose belly fat quickly. Reading daily such a message (you can place a message on the desk or anywhere else in house where you spend more time each day) will help you prepare mentally for a diet.
Cut every portion by a quarter, compared to the amount of food you eat before.
When you eat stop the TV, stop reading the newspaper and stop doing something else while you’re at the table. Scientists have shown that those who eat in front of TV are consuming about 290 calories more than the others.
Eat slowly, chewing each piece well. Half of hour before a meal drink a glass of water. Put down the spoon when you’re no longer hungry.
Eat rye bread. Aids digestion faster than wheat bread.25 tips to lose belly fat quickly
Eat at least a handful of vegetables and fruits daily.
Drink green tea how often you can during the day. It helps for a good digestion, protects bones, remove risk of developing cancer and eliminate bad breath.
To lose belly fat quickly walk at least half an hour every day, especially after lunch and dinner.
Choose to eat green vegetables. They double the activity of enzymes that help digestion.
Sleep 8 hours a day. Sleeping longer or shorter than this range, may cause digestive problems, including weight gain.
Drink a cup of soup during the day, as a drink. It will bring vitamins, minerals and will eliminate faster hunger.
Drink cold milk before meals. Feeling of saturation will occur more quickly.
Eat only what you like and when you like, but gradually reduce the quantities.
Take a daily supplement containing zinc and chromium. They are useful in weight loss diets because eliminate hunger.
Always choose foods made from few ingredients, if possible without preservatives and additives. Man25 tips to lose belly fat quicklyy of them help gaining weight.
Eat before each main meal a handful of popcorn. Fry them without butter or oil.
To lose belly fat quickly eat as snack, once a day, dried fruit, nuts, fresh almonds, roasted and unsalted. They reduce cholesterol, provide necessary vitamins and minerals and are rich in vegetable protein.
Start your day with a breakfast made of eggs. Prepare them as you like, but with few fats. Protein taken in the morning provides a feeling of saturation for many hours.

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