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Jewelry: Trends and Investments

Author: Jae ~ Bek

Among the main rules of style is always to spend far more on investment jewelry items. The eternal pieces that could be put on year in year out for your entire life. Subsequently, cut costs on stylish fun pieces of jewelry which could solely look nice for a season or two. Currently, there are plenty of funky items to buy for fun and timeless items to pick up at a bargain price.
A major trend is a big and bold bright colored statement necklace. Even though a number of fine jewellery designers make big and bold, the end cost is usually big and bold too. This is an area where a costume piece would certainly be effective. Mainly since the vivid colors that are so in today may not be next year. Bib necklaces are also in fashion. While elegant, they usually are heavy and cumbersome to wear. This is another item of jewelry that is better to spend less on. Some boutiques both online and offline produce beaded styles that give a bright bold statement, without being very expensive or heavy. Cuff bracelets are also trendy. To acquire a thick gold cuff with precious gems would likely cost thousands, but you can find cheaper options that look fabulous. Typically the alternate options employ semi-precious gems and metals like brass, silver, or copper. Yet another significant piece is a statement ring. It is a ring with an exceptionally large stone approximately the size of a pebble. Of course, only a few women could have a precious stone the size of a pebble, so they go faux.
Currently in jewellery, there are plenty of bargains as shops compete between themselves for sales. Now is the time to purchase classic pieces on sale that will be worn for a long period of time. One item is diamond stud earrings. They add a mood of sophistication to even a casual ensemble. Gold hoop earrings are another staple. If a large statement ring is not for you, purchase a band ring with precious gems. One more item that is practically a must is a good wristwatch. Acquire one with both gold and silver colors to allow it to be much more versatile.
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