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The Lazy Man's Handbook to Getting Your Sweetheart To return

Author: Jason

Splitting up is particularly tough anytime it wasn't your intention. Guys handle unpredicted breakups in different ways. Certain men go all in to get their girlfriends back. They leap through crazy hoops, try to make deals, negotiate, beg, and even come close to stalking in an effort to get her back.

Other men decide that possibly this is how things were intended to be and search for greener pastures elsewhere - at least, that's what they do with time. It typically requires at least a little while to repair their broken hearts and feel willing to put them back on the market again.

But there are still others who want to ride off into the sunset with the girl that got away, yet are unaware how to make that happen. Moreover, they really want to get her back but they don't want to jump through hoops to make it happen.

Happily, hoop jumping simply isn't needed to get her back. You don't even have to do the pursuing. You'll perhaps be pleasantly surprised to discover just how easy it can be to get her to come back to you.

Don't Phone Her

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? In fact, it requires absolutely no action on your part. What it does require, though, is determined inaction. That's less simple when every impulse you have is telling you to pursue her.

It's the primal male drive to take care of all threats to life, limb, and overall happiness. You desire to make her see the light. You desire to demonstrate her how good it truly is between you. You want things to be the way they were.

Chasing the girl down might make her swoon in the movies. In reality it nets you a restraining order. Give her a little time to process her own emotions and take some time to really think about whether or not things truly were all that good (for both of you) the way they were.

Make Small Changes at Home

You don't need to become a whole new man. That's too much work. However you might make a few small adjustments in appearance - yes girls really do notice these things. Think of something effortless to start with like teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

While you are probably not considering a full blown fitness club membership, you might want to consider lifting weights at home (within reason) or taking part in racquetball or even pickup basketball games for a bit of firming and sculpting - possibly skip that second beer at night or cut back from the ice cream. Small adjustments don't demand a lot of exertion and can produce great benefits.

Await for Her to Come to You

In many cases, the world is small. Once people begin realizing the little changes you're making, and believe me they will, word will get back to her. Most women are curious creatures. Not only in the sense that men have difficulty understanding them, but simply because they prefer to see what's transpiring.

It will certainly drive her crazy with curiosity that you're doing so well without her. She'll want to know the reason why you're appearing better, getting together with others, and making changes for the better in your life - even little changes get big attention in today's world.

She will call or "bump" into you just to observe what's different. She'll be determined to know what's going on. That's when it's definitely time to work your magic. All you need at this point is the correct thing to say to convince her she was wrong to walk away.
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